Goes to Kansas Goes to Kansas

The Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour Presented by Monster Energy rolled into southern Kansas late last week at the request of Monster Energy.  The tour loves going to Kansas because of the awesome treatment it gets everywhere it goes. We hit up Dodge City and Coffeyville this time around and put on some incredible displays of riding.

Dodge City Days is a big deal and hosts one of the largest rodeos in the country and this year it hosted the most bad ass FMX tour in the country!  The local Monster slingers, Western Distributing brought us out and treated us to a VIP dinner, all the Monster Energy the fans could drink and that classic Kansas hospitality.  Rich Kearns rejoined us for the fun and says “Now that I can jump 75 foot setups regularly all my tricks are coming back fast.”  Kearns is looking better and more comfortable every time he rides which is making him feel good.  James Carter keeps throwing down and his style is really becoming more his own every day. Check the KOD Indy Flip he rips out on a ramp to ramp setup!


  We also brought out the Big Sexy John Distler and his Hessian Aggression.  This dude just keeps on going and I think the young bucks on tour like having him around for his experience.  What do you expect from the world’s biggest Back Flipper?  We set up at the car show and did three demos in 105 degree temps and high humidity. Luckily the wind was down and the riders were able to throw down all of their tricks.  When we were finished, one of the event volunteers said “You guys have to come back next year- there was three times more people here than we have ever had before!”  The fans were great and we gave out over 2,700 Boost Mobile lanyards and hero cards along with the Monster Energy swag dropped to the fans.



 We trucked out that night and grabbed a bite of food in Wichita while we caught the latest UFC bout then drove straight down to Coffeyville, Kansas.  The tour goes to Coffeyville every year and it always amazes me that a town of 9,000 can fill and arena with 10k plus.  The day before the show we did a couple of autograph stops in the Independence area for Monster Energy and Demo Distributing with quite a few fans coming out into the heat again.  It was fun hanging out and once again the hospitality was fantastic.  Then came show day and the weather turned for the worse.

We woke up to high winds and they barely got better as the day went on.  Practice saw a full 15 mph wind coming at a dead on crosswind, but everyone got some jumps in before the show.  Soon as we kicked off opening ceremonies, the wind changed direction keeping the same speed to a head/tail wind depending on which of the two ramps were used.  Joining our crew from Derek Burlew, Kenny Bell, Bryce Hudson, Sean Neilson, Anthony Murray and X Games 17 Gold Medalist Matt Buyten.  In the Etnies first round qualifier Bryce Hudson got pretty awesome as the wind laid down just a little for him and then he finished his run with a little dance at the end.  Pretty sure that he would have made the final based on his score.  The rest of the first round was not real great as the wind was affecting the riders too much.  We started the General Tire Best Whip next and the first rider to go was Matt Buyten.  As soon as he hit the headwind ramp, a gust came at his right side just as he started his carve into the Whip.  It blew him left so far that he did a 50-50 Grind from the safety deck on the lander almost half way down when it caught and high-sided him to the ground.  He was pretty beat up but walked away on his own.  We took an intermission and told the riders that we had to stop the show for safety after that.  They decided to all go out and try to hit the tailwind ramp if they could to close out the show for the fans.  Even though they didn’t have to ride anymore to get paid- they did and started hitting the ramp pulling huge flip combos and getting the crowd worked up.  Lightning was striking nearby, the fans were electric and the riders kept going for 15 solid minutes- even after we tried to stop them!  It sure feels good working for a tour that hires the best riders that work hard and know how to put on a show for the fans.

Matt will be okay, he was pretty sore this morning but looks to be good for the next show coming up in Hamburg, New York for the Erie County Fair on August 13th.  Follow us on Twitter @freestylemx and keep up to date with what’s up on the tour!

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