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This week we start a new article from Patrick Schooler and 2 Wheels 1 Mind.  Patrick rides and knows how to make sure your body and mind are in prime shape to do whatever you do.  In upcoming stories he will be writing about sport specific exercises, injury prevention and rehabilitation and is looking to take all your questions.  Welcome to the Freestylemx.com team Patrick!

Hello to all you FreestyleMx.com followers and readers. My name is Patrick Schooler. I am a 2 Wheel Action Sports Athlete (Moto, FMX, DH/FR Mountain Biking) and Health & Fitness Professional Trainer. My love and knowledge of 2 Wheels Action Sports and the Athlete/Rider lifestyle mixed with my expertise in the Health and Fitness Training Industry is what lead me in Creating 2 Wheels – 1 Mind (www.2wheels1mind.com). I have Created 2 Wheels – 1 Mind as a “Action Sports Athlete Lifestyle Company” that embraces EVERY aspect of being a Rider/Athlete in today’s 2 wheel action sports. Cory Stem has asked myself to post a Monthly Article here on the website, that incorporates the 2 Wheels – 1 Mind concept and Training for 2 Wheel Action Sports. Here is an introduction to what 2.W.1.M. is all about.

Introduction to the 2 Wheels – 1 Mind Philosophy (Part 1)

Still not sure what 2 Wheels – 1 Mind is all about? Is this your first time you have heard about 2 Wheels – 1 Mind and your curious to learn what the 2 Wheels 1 Mind Philosophy is? In either case, this series of articles that will be posted, will give you a full understanding of what the 2 Wheels – 1 Mind philosophy is.

2 Wheels – 1 Mind Overview

“2 Wheels – 1 Mind…. An Action Sport Athlete Lifestyle Company”

2 Wheels – 1 Mind, a Creation of Fitness Professional and Action Sport Athlete Patrick Schooler. Patrick has created 2 Wheels – 1 Mind to serve as an Action Sport Athlete Lifestyle Company, that is dedicated to all aspects of 2 wheel Action Sports. Training and Coaching riders on how to become the best Action Sport Athletes that they can be, On AND Off the bike. 2 Wheels – 1 Mind encompasses every part 2 Wheel Action Sports, showing that there is much more to being a rider than just riding your bike, that the dedicated riders are True Athletes and deserve to be recognized as such. This will in return, help 2 Wheel Action Sports (As a whole) grow in a positive way, helping people become more Educated in these Sports and Encourage others to start Riding and Participating. The overall concept of 2 Wheels – 1 Mind is to encourage TRUE Athletes/Riders to Emerge within these sports and to help Train/Coach riders that have the desire to become great Athletes ON AND OFF the bike.

2 Wheels 1 Mind does this by using 3 Categories…

1. Health & Fitness

  • Training and Coaching for Action Sports Athletes
  • True Health for Action Sport Athletes
  • Overall Fitness (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Injury Prevention
  • Skills Training
  • Rider Biomechanics
  • Nutrition

2. Creative Minds (The Main Aspect of 2 Wheels 1 Mind and Action Sports as a whole)

  • Mental Training for Action Sports
  • Using your mind and creativity for riding
  • Building Jumps/Trails
  • Media (photos, and video)
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Art on the Bike

3. Get Involved

  • 2 Wheels – 1 Mind
  • Local Riding Scene (Moto, MTB,BMX)
  • Other Riders
  • Sponsors
  • Industry

Throughout these 3 categories there is 1 aspect that embraces and brings them all together as one. That is….. The Action Sport Athlete Lifestyle, The True meaning of 2 Wheels- 1 Mind.

In future articles I will go over what these categories mean and what is involved in each. Let me know what you think, I want to hear what you have to say!


Name: Patrick Schooler

Website: www.2wheels1mind.com

email: 2wheels1mind@gmail.com

email: patrickstrengthcoachtrainer@gmail.com

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