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 General Tire makes tires for champions and they make a tire for you.  From asphalt gripping performance tires to dirt eating off road tires to the commercial hauler you carry it all in, General has you covered.  Visit them at to pick yours today and see the huge success from Baja 1000 this year!




Welcome back to another weekly kickoff here at New Source For News in the New Moto Era.  Today we launch the “General Tire Unleash The Fury” report which will replace the Brraap Up! Report and get you the grip on all the haps out there.  I want to personally thank them for all of their support this year.  We run the Continental’s (owner of GT) on the motor coaches, General Tires on our ramp trailers and hauler trailers, GT’s on all of our vans and even have been sporting Conti’s on the dirt scooters too.  Heck- Marc Burnett beats the hell out of their off road stuff all around Baja in his Class 6 Ford Truck.  We did over 175,000 miles on all of our Generals this year- what will you get?




I hope your Thanksgiving was good and you were able to be like everyone else and get a jump start on shopping with Black Friday. Jay Schweitzer of Powerband Films had plans on his new vid “Black Friday” featuring tons of FMX from the Metal Mulisha and more being ready to go for you to stuff stockings with, but some snafus with crooks put him behind.  I plan on finding out how things are going and when it will be available-but judging from some buzz- it will be really soon!!   Here is a fine little teaser from the cool kids at Transworld MX- BLACK FRIDAY


Speaking of videos, at some point in your life you probably have made a little vid of you or your buds, edited and added some music and shared with the world on You Tube.  Did you know that you may have committed a serious crime?  Okay- how serious is really up for debate, but the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is going to provide us an answer soon.  Seems the hitch is making money.  EXPN has a pretty interesting take on this over HERE and I can pretty much bet I will be writing about this in the future if it looks like it will affect the “hobbyist” world of vids.


Endurocross wrapped up for the year and Taddy Blazusiak mopped up the series and proved once again his prowess in the gnar is pretty much unbeatable when he is on his game.  In 2011, Taddy has become the AMA Endurocross Champion for the third straight time by winning all rounds, won X Games 17 Endurocross Gold, won the Euro indoor enduro series and winning Erzberg which is considered one of the toughest outdoor enduro races in the world.  Probably not surprising is the fact that he did it all on a Factory KTM, which has been a leader in off road motorcycle racing since the seventies with Penton.  What might be surprising?  He did do it on KTM’s 350SX after Taddy said the two smoker was developed out as far as she would go.  Those are interesting words as it appears the four stroke is now moving into another favorite spot of two stroke technology where light weight and agility is important.


Javier Villegas Indy Flip

In FMX news- The Night of the Jumps took flight again for two nights/rounds in Poland last weekend with Remi Bizouard on the hunt for series leader Javier Villegas.  Both riders qualified with 370 points to lead the field, but Remi was able to keep Javier at bay both nights to take the wins and cut the championship points deficit to 17 with one round remaining.  Final round is December 17th in Sofia, Austria where the champion will be crowned.  Look for some insight from Javier as we try to find out what he has planned to make sure the overall goes to him in 2011!



Want to win some cool gear and look like Nate Adams or Justin Brayton?  Well now is your chance and all you have to do is take a pic that is moto related and send it in for voting. and One Industries have joined forces to give some nice stuff away.  Our frineds at Racer X have the LINKS




Now looking at the weather- lots of you east of the Mississippi River are not riding this week, and probably not next either!  What to do-WHAT TO DO!!!!???  Watch these vids that were sent over by our own fitness jack Patrick Schooler to stay in the MOOD! This is the last episode- but watch the others too!




That’s it for this Monday- got some more?  Need everyone to know?  Send it to me here!


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