Well it is a new year and a time for the moto industry to start fresh.  Fresh teams, riders, sponsors, events and rivalries will all nod to the past as they roost to the end of 2012 for fame and glory or agony and defeat.  Switch on the gas and kick it over-time to go!

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series is all set to go for 2012.  The defending champion Ryan Villopoto will once again mount up on his Monster Energy Kawasaki 450F while holding off many riders who would try to keep him from repeating as #1.  You have Ryan Dungey who followed the man he feels has made him great in Roger Decoster to the KTM Factory team.  No one has made a KTM win a big bike SX Main much less a title so RD has a huge hill to climb.  Lucky for him, some Pro Hillclimber’s have made some awesome KTM’s.

Decoster’s Secret Weapon for Dungey in 2012?

Chad Reed and his owner/rider combo Two-Two Motorsports entry was very successful in 2011, even exceeding Chad’s own hopes I would bet.  A hard and scary crash last outdoor season, backing up the results of 2011 as an indy on a near factory Honda, and just putting another year on a long worn moto body is going to make this year tough for him.  I said it before, Chad earned a lot of respect he lost from me (I am sure this weighs on him too-lol) last year and if anyone can dig in and pull out wins-it’s this guy.  Bubba-James Stewart if you’re nasty- is back on the scene after a weird year and also back on a Yamaha, but this time with a new team.  Stewart will be rolling the Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha and I can say I am actually kind of excited.  I am not a huge James Stewart fan.  I will always give that he is fast and talented as ever-but he will never win a toughness battle against the toughest champions and that puts him just a half rung below them to me.  Let’s see what he can do- he has one of the best satellite teams out there.  There are plenty of others out there but I really need to study up so I can fill out my Fantasy League-which is another story…

FMX is hibernating for now with the exception of the Nuclear Cowboyz who have been rehearsing in Florida.  I’ll be getting you an update from Feld Motorsports this week to see how it is going! 

Updating the calendar for 2012 too-so find out when the best moto, FMX or other cool events we like are coming.  Want to list your event- contact me under the contact tab and let’s talk!

Those of you waiting for the RAD FMX pictures-thanks for the patience!  I had to replace a hard drive and lost all the pics!  Good news is that my computer was set to do random backups and I found them in one of them-so hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Happy New Year and keep those resolutions!!


-Cory Stem

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