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Freestylemx.com is your premier source for news, gossip, interviews, reviews and anything else related to the two wheeled lifestyle.  Not just FMX, but Supercross, Motocross, BMX, music and whatever else you want to know-Freestylemx.com is the place!

Welcome to Freestylemx.com-we are glad you came by the “New Source for the New Moto World” for a test ride!  The moto scene has changed drastically over the last decade reflecting the changes of the world and culture surrounding it.  Racing on television is covered in greater detail than it ever has been, video games expose kids who would never get a chance to ride a bike entry into the same excitement as those who do and everything from music to fashion have staked claim in the moto industry.  We aim to cover the lifestyle of the moto world in addition to the usual results and interviews.

“New Source for the New Moto World”-

Besides being a catchy little title, I came up with that while asking myself what moto was all about.  Having been a part of the extreme sport and motorcycle scenes for over 35 years, we had seen the changes of our little community. It got bigger!  But not with racers or even riders, but with just overall fans.  An AMA Monster Energy Supercross can fill at 70,000 seat stadium in a big city like Phoenix and there are not 70,000 racers in this whole state!  Of the 2.2 million who see us or other FMX shows through a year, most have never thrown a leg over a seat.  All of the Fox, Metal Mulisha and Monster Energy wear you see are some of the hottest selling clothing lines to those who don’t even ride a bike, but like the sport.  It wasn’t always this way.  When I was in high school and before two wheeled sport (Motocross, BMX, Freestyle etc.) were popular, moto kids were outcasts and tended to stay in small groups.  Today the pros in those sports are revered, cloned, popular and rich.  They have television shows, video games, and even whole videos dedicated just to them.  It is incredible the exposure riders get today.  But we aren’t here for the non-participant only, Freestylemx.com pledges to remain relevant to those who do scoot with event results, interviews, tech articles, product reviews, mental and physical health articles, pics, vids and user submitted fun too. 

Freestylemx.com also plans to rate music from bands that are into our little world like Good Guys In Black or Pennywise.  We will crossover to BMX, some skate (no fruit boots guaranteed) and who knows what else.  The moto world has become filled with a diverse range of personalities and talent that keeps things exciting, evolving and moving at a faster pace than ever before it seems!

So where did we come from and where are we going at Freestylemx.com?  Long time viewers of the site will remember when this place was purely a vehicle to promote the Boost Mobile Freestylemx.com Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy and its events.  Freestylemx.com the touring company, held the first ever FMX (Freestyle Motocross) contest in 1997 and since then has fostered the careers of many of the top pros you see today in addition to entertaining 2.2 million fans over 107 shows in 2010! For 2012, we have decided to cover the Freestylemx.com tour while covering anything else we (and you the reader ask us for) can find that might be interesting.

Today’s Freestylemx.com is staffed by myself with Patrick Schooler doing the 2 Wheels 1 Mind fitness articles-so we are low budget and home spun- but that keeps us honest, allows us to ride the rising tides and be flexible in the content we provide.  We want you to be a part of that process and encourage you to comment and give your two cents.  Thanks for coming along!-Cory