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The Most Action-Packed Event on the Planet Is Back, Bigger and Crazier Than Ever Before, with the Largest Ramps Ever Seen Nitro Circus, the global youth entertainment phenomenon, returns to North America this year with the epic Next Level Tour. This spectacular brand new production, an all-moto adrenaline-rush, will have death-defying tricks, jaw-dropping world firsts and absurd stunts. It all adds up to a thrilling show simply too big to fit indoors. The Next Level Tour launches in mid-May, just in time for summer, and will visit over 10 cities across the continent through June. Tickets for Nitro Circus:...

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Moto X Disciplines Announced for 2017 X Games

Moto X will once again be heavily featured at X Games this summer. Yesterday, ESPN announced all disciplines for 2017 games in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Best Trick, Best Whip, Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Racing, Freestyle, QuaterPipe High Air, and Step Up featured as the Moto X disciplines. Read full...

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New high-tech tools to capture data on FMX tricks

For all those who have ever wanted to know how long Red Bull X-Fighters riders spend floating in mid-air off their bikes on their jumps or how long they spend in total in the sky on their bikes doing their gravity-defying tricks, answers are on the way — thanks to a new partnership with Intel. MADRID (Spain) For the first time, the world’s best freestyle motocross riders will have their air time, trick time, speed and altitude measured at the Red Bull X-Fighters 15th anniversary event in Madrid on Friday. With low-power Intel Curie-enabled devices about the size and...

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The 15th edition of Red Bull X-Fighters

The 15th edition of Red Bull X-Fighters in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid is getting closer, but even our twelve riders need some time off between practice sessions, shows and contests. You can’t ride your bike all day long, right? So it is time to relax a bit! Even though the motocross scene likes to joke about football players and their hollywood-movie-like acting after a foul – while FMX guys usually tough it out after a crash and immediately try to get onto their feet again – many of them like to watch a nice...

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