Boost Mobile Back on the Road

The Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour Presented by Monster Energy has been back at it loggin miles on our General Tires and burning diesel. One bus and setup spent a week in Las Cruces, NM with Bruce Hudson, Jeff Griffin and Garrett Ahlf-all of whom put on a real show of power and grace in less than ideal conditions. Winds were whipping through in gusts to 20 mph and from different directions all week, but the guys really showed thier professionalism and maturity by riding awesome while not twisting it into the ground and getting beat up. Best demo of the week had Saturday nights slot with over 4,000 fans and traffic backed up the Interstate 10 seven miles back to town! It still got beat by a bunch of schoolgirls (and boys) Friday morning who showed up en masse on a field trips from local elementary schools. We set the tone for thier stay on the ramps and the noise 1,500 8 year olds can make is intense!

While we were doing that in the warm and dry desert, Marc took the other bus and setup to Dover, Delaware for the NASCAR weekend and the forecast was cold, wet and windy. X Games gold Medalist Matt Buyten led Jim McNeil, John Distler and James Carter in front of rowdy NASCAR fans who were also drawn over by a scheduled Travis Pastrana visit. TP made it over to answer some questions about his future and it sounds like the icon is going to chill out on the dirtbike a bit and focus on four wheels more. He is still on crutches and his planned return to the Nationwide NASCAR Series is in Phoenix for the spring 2012 race.

The Dover crew holeshotted the end of the race since they only had two days to get the rigs to Kansas City. I flew in that Tuesday and we had a show on the grounds of the Sprint HQ. Sprint is the parent company of our primary sponsor Boost Mobile, which is why your Boost Moblile phone gets such great national coverage-it runs on the Sprint network! The lunch time show had many of the important executives on hand to watch and see where some of the marketing dollars are going. They all seemed impressed and many said it was the best entertainment ever held on the campus. The NASCAR race was in Kansas City that following weekend so we set up in high winds and waited them out. The winds never left, but they were fairly consistent in direction and flying between 10-20 mph all day and all night. These shows were pretty important to us as many more execs from Boost Mobile and Sprint were to be on hand. The riders pulled out all the stops, even continuing to jump when we asked them to stop for thier own safety.

Everyone headed home after that stop and is preparing for a busy end to our October. We will be jumping in Reno for the Monster Energy Sales teams from around the United States, a demo in Ridgecrest, CA on the 22nd then over to St. louis for demos with Monster Energy on the 26th. Join us on Twitter @freestylemx to get updates on times, locations, and autograph signings!

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