Braaap Up Report

Here we are again- doing what we need to do to do what we do best.  Make sense?  No?  Pull up a chair and put on your gear- it is almost time to ride!

First we have to apologize profusely to our fans in the 909 (Southern California area code where the sport of FMX has its roots) as our ten rider contest at the Los Angeles Spring Fair was cancelled at the last minute due to contractual differences beyond our control.  Let’s just say- no one works for free.   But don’t worry- we have a few more chances to catch us before we head to cooler climes for the summer!

New dates just posted on the website here and they include our next two stops- Porterville, CA and Victorville, CA.  Porterville is going to be three days of demos at the Porterville County Fair which means the riders are going to be worked pretty good and it is all for the fans benefit.  Three days in one spot means more time for you to interact with these nuts that do Backflips for breakfast and maybe figure out what makes them tick.  Scheduled riders are not up yet- but keep hitting our Facebook page and our Twitter feed to get the latest from us and the riders on who is where, what they are doing and sometimes why.  Gotta warn you though- since Twitter is open feed and uncensorable by us- I suggest parents read along with their kids and enjoy it too.  Next we head to Victorville, CA for a ten-rider contest- our first of the year!  We have done this show multiple times and the crowds there are awesome!  We always get a good show and usually fill the stands to capacity so get your tickets early here!  You know we only bring the best riders so you need to bring your camera and your butts to see this show as it will be awhile before we get back to California.

Looks like Boost Mobile is stepping up it’s presence at the NASCAR races this year.  Of course if you are in the know- you that Travis Pastrana has joined forces with Darrell Waltrip to race in seven Nationwide Series NASCAR races this year.  So why not celebrate that by building a 48’ long trailer decked out with Samsung flat screens, and autograph station, a rooftop patio for me to announce from while riders jump over my head and a TP Toyota Camry like the one he will be racing inside?  How about having TP over to sign with us and even jump time permitting?  Yeah I thought you would like that.  The other sponsors already cry when we come in there because we kill the their vibe with the crowd-now they will despise us.  We like that.

In other news: Last story I posted I put my picks down for the podium of X-Fighters Dubai.  I chose Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison and Andre Villa and Maddo was the only one who didn’t make the top three.  And the winner was someone I had not really considered and he was Dany Torres beating out Villa and Adams!  Dany rode better than I have ever seen him before, and I think the judges had a tough time deciding.  I would have picked Andre Villa for the win myself, but we’ll see him win some more soon as I think he is “next” when it comes to dominating the FMX world-that’s if he can stay healthy.

SMP CLOTHING COMPANY – CLOTHING FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE is launching the new site in just two days!  I am so excited to see what was once an icon in the action sports industry make its return the right way.  Keep posted here as I will be giving away some stuff as soon as I can get it from them.  We already gave away some SMP-USA sticker packs from our Twitter feed- are you following us yet?

See you in a week or so and SoCal fans that come and see me (the announcer) at our upcoming shows next month- mention SMP and this site and let’s see what we can do for you!

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