Braaap Up Report

Another week in the books and 2011 is flying by!  That means that summer is here and the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy is in full effect!  We have lots to talk about so flip turn on the gas, pop the choke and kick it over- it’s go time.

The tour just wrapped up a three day demo in Porterville, CA north of Bakersfield last week with John Distler, James Carter and Matt Buyten at the Porterville Fairgrounds. The facility was brand new- so new in fact that it was a dirt field just ten months ago.  The place was beautiful and it is not even fully finished!  The fans were getting loud and I estimate we had over 8,000 over the three days.  The riders were super stoked all weekend long too.  The winds were a little crazy- but when you hire the best to ride- they perform, so I don’t think the fans noticed at all.  Only issue we had was a gnarly wipe-out by James Carter while doing a Nac-Flip.  As he rotated through the first ¼ his left foot came off and put him into a super wicked Super Can Flip, which is a trick he doesn’t do yet.  He held on to the bike trying to save it and almost came in side saddle- but the motor came out from under him and he bounced hard down the steel landing ramp.  He was battered and bruised but we were able to untwist his YZ250 and get him airborne the next day.  Imagine jumping off a three story roof while holding (not riding) a 215 pound dirt bike to the ground!  That is pretty much what James did and STILL rode all three shows the next day doing backflips.  I have said it before and I will say it again I know- watch this kid.  He is destined for huge things!

In other news:

X-Games expands and extends it global reach! Today, X-Games announced that starting in 2013 there will be six stops including long standing stops Los Angeles California and Aspen Colorado and added Tignes France. Three others will be bid upon much like the Olympics are and are to be announced.  Not much news on what disciplines will be contested where just yet, but as soon as we know you will.  I think it is a big move as it will spread awareness, advocacy and the culture of action sports and it’s lifestyle around the globe.  That means good things for all players in the industry.

Remi Bizouard has been crowned the champion in the UEM FMX European Championship series just ahead of Libor Podmol and Jose Mirales.  We have been trying to see about getting Remi out to our side of the pond for some shows. His new popularity will surely make that harder!

Speaking of cool contests that are not in the USA- the X-Fighters are taking to the air in Brazil on May 28th and I just got confirmation from Beau Bamburg that he will be joining them!  Congrats to Beau who is the most under rated rider in the country.  Show them what you got buddy!

Beau joins the top six (who automatically advance to the next stop) riders in Dani Torres, Andre Villa, Nate Adams, Blake Williams, Levi Sherwood and Eigo Sato. We’ll let you know who does what when it all goes down-OR- you could just follow us on Twitter and get the entire scoop from the riders themselves.

Good news on our buddy and Smoking Seagull Greg Hartman.  He should be leaving China soon to return to the States after a huge crash put him in the hurt locker.  According to updates from his wife Carly, his broken bones are mending well and they even let him start using crutches, which is a great indicator that his head injury is healing too.  We here at are still thinking about him and wish him a speedy recovery.

Lots of people slammed Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg for leaving the Metal Mulisha and going out on his own (I just love haters) and he is once again showing them up.  He signed on with Famous right away with a provision for his own line of clothing if things go well and now he will be gracing the cover of Transworld MX.  The pic is ridiculous and his bike and gear combo look sick as well.  Keep hatin’.

This week, the Lucas Oil AMA Pro MX Championship kicks off at Hangtown just a few weeks after the Supercross series has ended.  My inside line is telling me that all the top names are strong and to watch for RV to kill it this year.  He just picked up the numero Uno in the SX series and it riding a high that will be tough to beat.  I picked RV at the beginning to win SX and I pick him for the outdoor series now.  The first round will be televised on FuelTV live for the first motos and on and the second motos will be tape delayed on Speed.  BTW- I am picking Eli Tomac to win the little bike class.  The kid grew up with world famous mountain bike champ John Tomac as his father, so you he knows how to train and how to suffer-which are keys to many outdoor races.  Plus his skills are more than enough to pay the bills!

Coming up for us:

The San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville California FMX Contest is going down this Friday the 20th.  Tickets are selling quickly so you should probably hit up for yours.  Riders are-Metal Mulisha’s Nixey Danielson and Jimmy Fitzpatrick, X-Games Gold hoarder Matt Buyten, Shadow Rider Jim McNeil, cool-whipper Myles Richmond, and many other favorites like John Distler, Kenny Bell, James Carter, Gabriel Villegas and Thomas Alves.  It kicks off at 7:30pm- be there suckas!

After that we pack up and start burning the diesel as we drive the tour bus to Charlotte, NC for Food Lion Speed Street fest with demos going on for three days straight.  Pretty stoked since Everclear will be playing right next to us.

Keep up to date with us on Facebook under “freestylemx” and on Twitter under @freestylemotor. Oh- I am getting lots of requests for stickers from our newest sponsor- SMP Clothing.  Send a SASE to SMP Stickies 7531 W. Kimberly Way Glendale AZ 85308.  Include your email for a chance to win cool stuff!

Time to get ready to be awesome- you do the same and see you on the road!

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