Braaap Up Report

What a long week on the road! That’s where we are going to start this week and we started it in San Diego, California where James Carter picked me up from the airport.  James is sponsored by GPR Stabilizer who makes stabilizers for just about any power sport vehicle you can imagine.  Seems his had a small film of oil, and he wanted to get it checked out before hitting the bricks.  GPR Stabilizers are totally rebuild able, and since they are made right here in the USA- service is quick.  We got a quick little tour around the joint and it was amazing to see all the parts being made AND assembled in house.  If buying American is important to you or if you would rather give your money to a small business- support these guys.  I have only once run a stabilizer that was not theirs- and I quickly returned to GPR and have not strayed since. Thanks GPR!!!

After our tour at GPR, James and I hopped into the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy super van and made the trek up to Victorville, California for the San Bernardino County Fair.  We got a chance to talk a little about his career and how things are now.  Then we talked about his $740 phone bill with his iPhone.  I told him about the latest Samsung Prevail, which is touch screened and Android powered from Boost.  For unlimited texting, internet and phone I only pay $50 a month and if I keep paying on time (okay I am working on the on time thing) it will go down to $35 bucks a month!  He agreed that he may have to pick one up for USA use.

If you have never been to Victorville- I don’t blame you, it is easy to miss.  From the highway it is just another blip, a fuel stop or place to go pee.  Once you drive a little further away from the freeway, the town opens up and you start to see a pretty cool town that really loves moto.  The Adelanto GP is held just miles away, Barstow to Vegas used to begin just up the road and desert racing, or as they are more likely known- Hare Scrambles- pretty much began in this area of high desert.  So it is no accident that our show sells some tickets and we get to come back year after year.  This year we had on the roster the usual suspects like John Distler (biggest back flipper in the world), James Carter and Matt Buyten.  Jim McNeil also joined us along with Myles Richmond, Kenny Bell and Gabriel Villegas.  Coming from the Metal Mulisha was Jimmy Fitzpatrick and Niki Danielson and of course Mob Syndicate founder- Mike Metzger.  With an all-star lineup the contest was pretty awesome!  I could tell you how it went or I could just let you watch the video created by our buddy Fernando- peep that bad boy by clicking HERE.  Big thanks goes out to our buds Good Guys in Black headed up by the one and only Rick Thorne for the tunage- if you like the music go here to hear more and BUY NOW!

After that show we tore down and had to be in Charlotte, North Carolina for three days of demos.  We had four days to make it and a broken generator, which powers all the tour bus electrics (TV, AC, fridge etc.) made it pretty tough. We got that fixed and made our way onto Food Lion Speed Street in downtown Charlotte.  We were scheduled for eleven demos in three days, but rain forced three to be cancelled.  The folks in Charlotte treated us really well and it is another town that we look forward to going back to.  Pretty sure we will as there were only two acts, both country music stars that drew more attendance than we did.  I figure our final demo on Saturday night featuring Matt Buyten, John Distler, James Carter and Jim McNeil- drew around 7,000 fans!  Hats off to all of our riders who rode in some seriously sketch winds that swirled around the high rise buildings making a mini vortex at our launch pad.  The winds were so bad the first night that after the show- our entire setup was nearly destroyed and the Boost Mobile wrecking crew was up until 4 am fixing it back up!

So what else is going on you ask?  How about a last minute call from Travis Pastrana asking to borrow one of our mobile setups for a little demo he is doing for Sunoco fuels?  If it wasn’t for the last minute, there would be no minutes at all it seems, and that is where we head next.  Sounds like we will set up behind the MGM Grand where TP and all his crazy friends will be performing in the Nitro Circus Live show inside later that night on June 4th.  I’ll be up there the day before helping with setup and look for updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates, info and news from the show-including live updates!  I should be getting some behind the scenes stuff for consumption here on the website too.  Stay Tuned!!

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