Braaap Up Report

Lots to talk about this week- so let’s get to it.  Baja, Vegas, Nitro, Mayhem-we have it all.

No sooner than I got home last Sunday from Charlotte- the phone was ringing.  Travis Pastrana was doing a demo for some Sunoco Fuels execs (one of his NASCAR sponsors) prior to the Nitro Circus show that evening.  He wanted to use our mobile setup so Thom and new guy Hunter swung into Las Vegas on the way home.  The demo was being held in the back parking lot of the MGM Grand Garden Arena so we got set up and waited.  While sitting around I hunted down and talked to a couple of riders in the show that night. First was Myles Richmond- you could tell he was stoked and honored to be invited to ride this event.  Myles style is as smooth as ever and I like watching him ride.  Also caught up with Kenny Bartram and his family.  Kenny and his KTM have been pretty busy lately- you can expect to see him during our Midwest swing this August.   The setup went pretty easily, but the run up and shut down areas were just a bit small.

TP came in the next morning and just fired up, swung it around and hit the ramp. No run ups, no speed checks- just huckin’ 75 feet.  It was gusty too- the hi-rise hotels made for a swirl effect that would have halted many demos.  I made a little video in my quest to be a decent videographer (I got a long way to go) but I figure if Swap learned it, so can I.  Scope out that video here VIDEO.   Either way- just watching TP work shows that he has earned every single thread of popularity that he has. He takes time for every single fan, question and autograph with a smile and a genuine feel.  The demo wasn’t very long but everyone enjoyed it and lived to tell the tale.

That night-we went to Nitro Circus Live inside the arena courtesy of Wasserman Media Group.  The Grand Arena doesn’t have “suites” or “skyboxes”- so that meant the industry ticket hold was a who’s who of action sports.  Tony Hawk was in attendance and looking young as ever, as was SMP rider Matt Buyten who was getting awesome as part of his X-Games training regime. The show?  Pretty spectacular I must say.  Having seen so many FMX events, I found myself really watching and enjoying the mega ramps.  People were hucking themselves over that thing on anything they could find. “You Ride it. You Jump it” is the crew motto and it holds even if you hit the mega ramp with a Barbie car.  Coolers, skis, trikes, side hacks- all in addition to the usual MTB/BMX/SK8 that you would see.  Travis even proposed to Lin-Z Adams during the show.  Plans include more US dates next year to coincide with the release of a Nitro Circus 3D movie.

Nitro Circus is a dangerous show for riders because they are really pulling out all the stops.  Between the stoke of riding with your buddies and the rush from the loud fans- things get nutty pretty quick.  One rider missed the show and that was Levi Sherwood.  His bike apparently popped a neutral in the belly of the takeoff and he hit the eject button.  His body cased the lander half on the air bag and half off of it.  Ribs, wrist, some internal organ jumbling and a minor concussion are going to keep the ripper off the bike for a few months, causing him to miss some important events again.  We wish him well.  I know a lot of people, including myself- were bummed to not get to see him ride live.

Another rider riding the white bed is the Godfather of Freestyle-Mike Metzger.  Somewhere in Slovakia lays the legend with broken shoulder, ribs and punctured lung.  He feels he can make it back by X-Games and I don’t doubt he will- Metz is old school tough.  You can read a little more about his scary experience over at EXPN-GO HERE. Keep it pinned Mike and see you soon-heal up quick.

Going from two to four wheels- Congrats to our leader Marc Burnett for winning Class 6 at the Baja 500 last weekend.  Marc drove a solo run and nearly lost an hour lead when some locals set a trap for him.  Near the end, in a wash- Nationals lit a gas fire with one hole to drive through forcing Marc into a deep mud hole.  While he negotiated some help, they managed to snag his fire extinguisher, jack, some tools and a fender!  One hundred bucks and his meaty General Tires pulled the truck to safety and eventually the overall class win.  Way to go Marc!

Spoke with Beau Bamburg this morning (he’ll be at our contest in Roseville on the 24th of June) about his trip to Brazil for X-Fighters.  The promoter was to provide NEW bikes for all contestants and Beau got a used one.  He swapped his suspension and bars to the bike and during qualifying and after just completing a big flip variation, his countershaft sprocket just fell off!  Not very confidence inspiring when you are giving it your all. He still placed a ninth overall-could only imagine what some confidence would do for this guy!

Next show is a contest for Placer County Fair in Roseville, CA.  If you want to see the heat we bring to a contest- check out this video from earlier this year-VIDEO Look for some talk about AMA Motocross next week as that series can’t be ignored right now!  If you want to get ahold of me or us:

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