Braaap Up Report-Porterville Fair FMX Contest

Placer County Fair FMX Contest from the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy 6/24/2011

The buses got filled up with diesel, bikes and riders then headed up past Sacramento, California to Roseville for the Placer County Fair contest last Friday night. This was the first time the Placer County Fair had ever hosted FMX and the crew was determined to give the fans their moneys’ worth on a warm and breezy evening. The two mobile take off and landers were set up on the front straight of the ever so slightly banked All American Speedway and the riders were looking forward to jumping on the paved surface.
This week the tour brought on three new riders in addition to the headliners that take part- and the rookies impressed. The tour has had more famous riders grace its ramps than any other tour in America! Nate Adams, Twitch, Jeremy Lusk Matt Buyten and more have rode the setup and the new guys know that if you want to get noticed, riding with this tour is one great way to do it. Bryce Hudson, who had a tough day summed it up best by saying, “I remember going to X-Games with my Mom before I was even jumping and being amazed by Beau Bamburg-today I got to ride with him!”
In addition to Bryce (B-Hud), Garrett Ahlf and Jeff Griffin came out for the first time as well, all hoping to find their way onto a regular spot in the Boost Mobile/Monster Energy buses. Bryce got off to a rough start by going long on his first jump in practice. He reeled it in well and then went for a flip going to flat again and blowing-NO, scratch that-exploding his front wheel. Excel A60’s are known for their toughness, but he managed to kill one. More impressive was the way he rode it out until it folded stopping the bike and gently tossing him to the pavement. He ended up finding a KTM dealer locally that had a wheel and was able to ride in the night program. His string of mishaps didn’t end there though as he came out for intros and nearly skidded off the top of the lander! To his credit he toughed it out, put in a decent run and impressed the managers of the tour. Jeff Griffin came out swinging as well. No one told us he was the tallest rider in FMX! Shawn Connors (currently in China doing shows for the next two years –Ni Hao Redneck!) may be close, but Jeff is all around bigger and would be my choice in a pickup game of hoops. He has a smooth flowy style that would look boring if not for his great extension. He also did well in the night show, but with all the heavy hitters, narrowly missed the cut for the final. Onto Garrett Ahlf who did make it into the Boost Mobile Shrinkage Final with a host of hard core bar tricks. He is another tall one and his Paris Hilton’s are sick. All three riders will be riding more shows for this tour according to owner Marc Burnett. Congratulations guys- you made it into a rather difficult fraternity to join, keep up the good work!
The Etnies First Round Qualifier had Garrett, a wounded Jim McNeil and the hottest new prospect in the USA, James Carter making it to the finals. James won his first major contest this year in La Paz, Mexico during Red Bull X-Pilots and just keeps getting stronger every show. Jim was riding with a sprained wrist and while it muted his qualie, it nearly stopped him in the final. The Monster Energy Second Round Qualifier culled four riders for the final bringing Bryce, Kenny Bell, Metal Mulisha rider Derek Garland and Fender Guitars shredder Beau Bamburg into the mix.
Before the final showdown the crowd got in on the act judging two contests for the riders. In the General Tires Best Whip we had two riders step up the level of competition. Of course, X Games whipper Bamburg was in there and he pulled the win only barely over James Carter in the crowd judged event. I know what you are saying, “X Games best whip was fan vote and wasn’t accurate at all”- well you said unless you are a Todd Potter fan. And in this case- Beau’s whips were scary big. I mean scary as in “I have seen a million FMX jumps and these still make me really nervous” scary. But Carter is right there with his style on his Turn-Downs and could be a threat in the future if he wanted. To quote a fan from Twitter feed , “@beaubam612 whips make a dominatrix jealous!..” Look out for Beau at X Games 17 this summer as the contest is not going to be fan vote I understand. The next contest was the Fox Racing Best Trick and it was nearly won with Garrett Ahlf’s Captain Morgan but the win went to Metal Mulisha banger Derek Garland who threw down a couple of flip variations that blew the fans’ collective minds.
The Boost Mobile Shrinkage Final was a huge blow out with Derek Garland running down a 93.6 from the judges using solid flip tricks and some very textbook uprights. With a 94.3, James Carter tried to steal the show with the biggest KOD Flip I have ever seen from the young gun. James has a style that is all his own- buttery smooth, enormous extension and great control on the machine. Kind of reminds me of the winner, Beau Bamburg, who exited with a 94.8 score. Beau is what FMX would be if it was Guns n’ Roses. Aggressive, exacting and pure while still being popular with just about anyone. It’s no wonder the dude is a ripper on the electric guitar too.
Next up for the traveling tour is a demo in Yuma on July 3rd at Paradise Casino and then it’s off to Manassas, Virginia for the Youth for Today demo at Old Dominion Speedway which kicks off eight weeks of nonstop action. You can find out when the tour is coming your way by heading over to their Face Book page. Congrats to the winners and the “New Kids on the Bus (NKOTB)”.

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