Breaking News – Greg Hartman

Always hate to start off with the bad news- but Pennslyvania shredder Greg Hartman- who you might have read about if you clicked on the Smoking Seagulls story link in my last entry- has been seriously injured while practicing for the Big Air demo at the Kia X Games Asia.  Apparently he had to eject mid air while jumping the the ramp to ramp setup ending with  head injury, right femur fracture, right shoulder dislocation, right humerus fracture and some broken bones in his hand.  He was medically induced into a coma and after a few CT’s has been awoken and is able to answer general questions about where he lives and even remembers his name (which after a long night, I have seen him forget!)  According to his wife, Carly, they have sedated him for the pain and now begin the surgeries required to mend the broken bits of his body at a state of the art medical facility in China.  To check up on Greg’s status and see how you can help the organization that is helping him- the Athlete Recovery Fund click the link.  To send your well wishes visit and post on  his Facebook.

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