“Bro” the Movie Debuts This Friday

“Bro” the movie debuts this Friday the 30th at the AMC Orange 30 in Orange , CA.  Director and co-writer, Nick Parada, says it’s a fiction based tale of a young dude who gets caught up in the unexpected lifestyle of FMX that features lots of thugs and drugs.  Colin “Scummy” Morrison and Beau Manley star alongside real actors Will Chavez and Danny Trejo, and according to sources they actually did pretty well considering thier “rookie” status in front of the glass.  In fact, Scummy got so far into character he needed to hit up some rehab post filming and has been clean since.

In the story, Johnny (Chavez) enters the FMX world and gets hooked up with the likes of Jesse (Manley) and Rudy (Morrison) then barrels down the wrong side of the law (and the sport according to many) into the dangerous drug trade. The young ‘bro’ sees that while the “FMX” lifestyle can be glamourous- it can also be ugly and deadly. You can peep a small preview on ESPN Action Sports website here http://espn.go.com/action/fmx/story/_/id/8069313/fmx-themed-drama-bro-premieres-friday-orange-calif

Many will say this puts the sport in a bad light and I agree depending on who you are in the moto world.  Surely they movie could attract young fans who need a sport with ‘edge’ and thats cool, but I can also seeing it affect the working professionals who have worked hard to overcome the stigma that FMX carried from its heyday.  No doubt, FMX is not Pro-Bowling when it comes to the lifestyle around it, and hiding it does not make it go away.  But it does show that (and Morrison and Manley are perfect examples) that in order to succeed in the sport today, the balance of party to performing needs to heavily favor performing or you won’t have a riding career for very long.

Manley has probably felt like this for real at some point in his life!

FMX certainly has changed since the original days, and “Bro” doesn’t hide from the past and while adding the usual Hollywood excess, doesn’t want to see it relived in real life.  Check it out June 30th at the AMC Orange 30 in Orange, CA or wait for the DVD release later this year.

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