Brraapp Up Report: Getting Down to Business

Well- if you haven’t checked in a a few weeks- you probably thought you were in the wrong place!  No worries- you are home again and we missed you.  Obviously, we are making some changes around here that needed to be done.  Our lab techs at our top secret laboratory have been hard at work transforming the old and boring page into this new sleek format.  You’ll see the content of the page changing too, but I’ll get into that in a few days when the new place is all finished up- stay tuned….

In the meantime- let’s talk a little news and see what is going on out there.  This week we have some X-Games 17 news and some four wheeled wildness too.  First off- X Games 17.  Say what you want about the formatting and rider selections this year, I still know you will watch and I think the riders selected are feeling the pressure to perform.  With only a handful of riders out there, being selected means the powers that be are going to expect big things and so will the fans.  A poor performance is going to stick out like a bent clutch lever this year.  There is just no place to hide like in previous years where a poor run would get swallowed up and forgotten about by a ten other guys going off. So that said- I think we will see some big tricks and riders going the extra mile to impress.  We can only hope right?

A few of those riders looking to impress this year are the Australian Best Trick duo of Cam Sinclair and Robbie Maddison.  Cam earned gold in Best Trick 2010 doing a straight Double Flip and Robbie took runner up silver with the Volt.  Not withstanding that both tricks had been done in previous years and medaled out (which really pissed a lot of fans off, and a few riders), those tricks won’t make the gate  in 2011.  Cam and Robbie both dropped on EXPN thier proposed medal diggers for this years event at the Staples Center.  Robbie is set to be working on, but has not really landed in the pit, a Double Volt. He pulled a grip of successful singles in an FMX run during Red Bull X-Fighters this year in Rome, so we know he is comfy with that.  A double though, that is a pretty tough one to follow as a couple of his Single Volts saw him nearly miss the bars and pegs.  He is also slated to do Rally-X this year for the first time which should be interesting.  Robbie is a madman though so if he doesn’t come out with the Double Volt, it means he has something else gnarly up his jersey sleeve.  Cam Sinclair has also pulled his Best Trick winner in a few FMX runs now too.  You’ll remember he nearly died when it all went wrong during a run in Spain in the 2009 season, but has pulled it a lot since then and with a way better record than anyone else in the world.  For 2011, he is planning on adding some combo’s to his Double Back.  He seems to have the One-handed Double lined up for his first of two runs at the ramp. If that is not enough for gold, he can remove both hands he says!  AND if that is still not enough-a One-handed Nac Double Back Flip!!  This year could be really scary to watch.  In fact, I might just have to set the DVR, and read the results to make sure no one wads it too badly.  I have seen way to many bad crashes and am not in the mood to see any more.  Best of luck to these two madmen from across the sea!

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, having put his split with the Metal Mulisha behind him (until X does some kind of special feature on it during the broadcast) and firmly at ease with his Famous Family, is ready to come out swinging.  Once again- you can read the whole story on EXPN and you can peep the video released a week or so ago on YouTube about his training regimen.  If you don’t feel like searching, just hit our FaceBook and you will find it there (hey and like us while you are at it alright?)  The dude is serious again about FMX which is good to see.  For the last couple of years it seemed like he was just punching in and doing his time to collect the money.  There was speculation about whether he had lost his nerve after his serious crashes, was worried about his family to even rumors of drug addiction.  Seems like he was just over the B.S. and now that he has had some time to clear his head and refocus, he is ready to shred!  At 29 years old, Twitch is set up for a busy weekend to better his bronze in Speed and Style and his disappointing 14th place finish in last years FMX portion.  And, he got added to whip again this year too.  I haven’t seen a ton of footage of him Whipping on a steel take-off lately, but if he can replicate his dirt to dirt ones- he is going to be tough to deal with.  He had better be because the forums are all revved up with his selection over a handful of other guys who we know can crank it at will.  X will be interesting in moto, and I am having a tough time placing my bets. Start thinking about yours because I plan to address mine in a week or so.

Onto four-wheels and a part of the lifestyle that all FMX fans seem to enjoy-Rally/Gymkhana/Jacking around in a very expensive car like its a video game.  Ken Block-has come up with the DC Shoes Gymkhana World Tour with three stops around the world in 2011.  Gymkhana is not only hard for me to remember how to spell, and is giving my spell checker fits- it is a form of driving using race, drift or rally cars to quickly rail off a lap time around some cones.  It is getting pretty popular in the US and I saw my first one in Japan in 1993.  Ken of course takes it to a new level and just burns the tires off his Ford Fiesta with lurid sliding burnouts, donuts and close action.  First stop is Austria and the last is Australia, but the second is right in Los Angeles, California at the Dodgers Stadium.  Since Ken is a Monster Energy sponsored athlete, Monster thought it awesome to bring in FMX gurus Nate Adams, Adam Jones and Blake Williams to put on a demo at the event as well.  It drops here on July 23rd so go to Monster Energy’s site for more info.  I am going to miss this and X-Games this year covering shows for the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy- so I will give you the scoop on those as I get it.

Speaking of the Boost Tour, they will be in Manassas, Virginia for the NASCAR Days with Youth for Tomorrow, a Joe Gibbs Foundation.  If you are in the area come on out and give me a ride from the airport at Dulles on the 22nd!  Free entry to the gig if you do-just contact me here-seriously, cab fare is going to hurt on that one.   Next up is Travis Pastrana and his debut at Indianapolis Raceway Park in the Boost Mobile-Samsung Toyota Camry Nationwide Series Car.  If you happen to be going to that- I have a ride- but we’ll be jumping before the race with the likes of Beau Bamburg, John Distler and James Carter.  Also, TP should be coming for autographs if he has time.  Travis will be doing NASCAR practice, flying to LA for X, flying back to Indy qualify and race, then flying back to LA for X again!  The dude never stops.

Well that’s it  for now.  Like I said keep hunting here for updates or just add us on Twitter (@freestylemotor) or Facebook (Freestylemx) 

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-Cory Stem

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