Brrapp Up Report 7/19/2011

Brrapp Up Report! 7/19/2011
Another week in the books and another week closer to X Games 17 in Los Angeles, but we have some other things to cover first…
Mike Metzger Update: In case you only have computer privileges on Tuesday, you know that the Godfather of Freestyle, Mike Metzger, had a vicious crash at his home course in Menifee, CA this weekend. He suffered a lacerated kidney, broken vertebrae in his neck and back and more. A day later his liver began to bleed out requiring two blood transfusions and branding him “critical stable” in ICU. This morning his close friend and owner/moderator at the forum, Chuck Carothers reported that Mike had gotten some sleep, that his liver was slowly healing and bleeding much less. The Athletes Recovery Fund has once again come to his aid, just as they did in Slovakia recently as well as Greg Hartman in China earlier this year. You can help the ARF by visiting and donating.
The Metal Mulisha, in conjunction with Boost Mobile, General Tire, Method, Osiris and Desert Assassins have started selling Jeff “OX”Kargola memorial shirts with all proceeds going to help make hospitals and care in Baja Mexico safer for riders, locals and racers. You can get yours on by going HERE and thanks for your support!!

Along with the X-Games we get Pastranathon this year too. Travis Pastrana is going to Los Angeles for the Best Trick contest where all sorts of tricks ideas have trickled in and who knows if he is bluffing, undecided or unsure. It is Travis so expect the unexpected and expect it to be cool. He just lined up for the Freestyle portion that Friday and rumors from him are that he could do a 720 (basically two near flat spins) AND a Double Back Flip in his run if he felt the need. He overnights on a private jet; loses two hours flying to Indianapolis for his debut at Indianapolis Raceway Park in the Boost Mobile-Samsung Toyota Camry NASCAR Nationwide Series car. I just got his schedule for that Saturday and it starts early: A couple meet and greets, some practice, some filming, interviews, qualify the car for the race, an hour and one-half for lunch/nap, Another inevitable interview or five, shake a few hundred hands, hug ladies like he is Elvis and end up in more people’s Face Book profile shots than all of us combined. Oh, then he has to race the car, post-interview (if he finishes top 5 extend those out an couple hours) then jump an overnight plane back to Los Angeles for X Games RallyX the next day. At least he gets his 2 hours returned on his flight back.

So we have talked X Games picks a little in weeks past, but the lists were never final. They are a lot closer to being filled, but I am still waiting to make my full picks to stick with until the 27th of July. I’ll have some eyes and ears on the ground so I will be getting some hot news updates the whole weekend. I can’t go this year I am announcing/repping the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy in Indy and Travis debut- so I’ll be bringing the news from there and some insight from TP his self on how his X Games went to that point. will be having a contest for X-Games too. Boost Mobile has given me a set of DJ-Style headphones called “Pequeno” to give to a lucky winner. They have plug in for both earphone jack sizes, an inline mic with mute button so you can take calls while listening to your music or not annoying the guy next to you while you play Call of Duty. All you have to do is pick the top three finishers of the X Games 17 Freestyle event to be entered in the drawing of contestants who also pick the right three. Send them to the editor in the Contact Us tab.
So we read about Pastrana and his X Games plan, but the promoters added Blake “Bilko” Williams to the bill in Freestyle and also Dany Torres who is off a hot win in Spain. With all the talent already there like Nate Adams or Robbie Maddison and Andre Villa- I pick either one of these guys could top three if there are any mistakes made. Best Trick now has Taka Hagashino in and he is pulling Double Grab Flips all day. Add on a variation or combo and he could medal. Word is One Hand Indy Flips have been attempted. Step Up hasn’t seen much change. Still got my favorite, Matt Buyten defending Gold from last year. Tommy “Tomcat” Clowers is back and his ability to land from just about any impossible angle, no matter how out of shape the bike is in could be a threat. Todd Potter was building a lip to practice this weekend and Myles Richmond is there too. Speed and Style is way too hard to pick. The track will be the factor here. All riders are competent bike handlers- so it comes down to who makes a mistake-a mistake that will be hard to come back from in a short moto format. Whip should be a good one this year with Todd Potter returning. Coming at him will be young Aussie Jarryd McNeil who will be on the prowl. He is Todd’s biggest threat this year I think unless Jeremy Stenberg comes out with something we have never seen from him.
Still putting together an article for Red Bull X-Fighters and Monster Energy X-Pilots contests this weekend. And I need to put the final touches on an interview with now two-time X-Pilots winner- James Carter. Oh and we can’t forget Motocross- that comes in tomorrow. See you then!

-Cory Stem

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