Bruce Cook rd to recovery

Bruce Cook suffered a spinal cord injury on 1-3-14 attempting the worlds first double front flip on a dirt bike at the Nitro circus live tour stop at Copps Colliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. According to Nitro Circus cook said he has no feeling or movement in his legs.  He was transferred to Hamilton General Hospital where he underwent surgery the next day to repair his broken T-11 vertebrae. After surgery he posted an update on Facebook.

“This morning I underwent 3 hours of surgery on my back and I’ll likely be in hospital in Ontario for the remainder of the week at which time I will transfer to BC. Again, thank you so much for all the support and positive messages. My mom and dad are here with me and helping keep spirits high. I’ve got this!… There is definitely a smile under that mask Remember, smiles are contagious!”

In almost every picture and every status he updated he is shown giving a huge smile and staying positive in his recovery. He posted this just the day after surgery – “Here’s what happens when you #smileforbc. Go ahead, show off those chiclets and spread some contagious smiles. Dare you!”  His friends and family that respond are very happy to see him keeping such a positive attitude.

On 1-10-14 he was transferred to B.C. to a hospital closer to home and when able will continue his recovery at a rehabilitation center that specializes on spinal cord injuries.

1-27-14 Bruce posted on Facebook. Day 24 update: “This past week has been all about figuring out pain meds and what works best for me. I had an unexpected nasty battle with nausea with many of the combinations of meds but it looks like we’ve finally got it figured. As someone who’s not a huge fan of painkillers, I’ve found an amount that seems to be working to at least keep me comfortable for physio, rehab, and some outdoor adventures. The word is that I’ll be heading to G.F. Strong today or tomorrow where I’ll really be able to kick it into high gear and pin it in recovery. Pretty excited to get out of the hospital where it’s been waaay to many hours laid up in bed for my liking! Huge thank you to the nurses and staff at Vancouver General Hospital, they’ve all been awesome and really good at exchanging smiles and high fives. Again, thanks to all friends, fans and family… The support I continue to receive is mind blowing and always helps give that extra little push that’s sometimes needed. Keep spreading those smiles  BC”

On-line donations can be made at or by mail at Road 2 Recovery Action Sports, 1042 N El Camino Real, Suite B-350. Encinitas, CA 92024, USA.

WARNING the following may be graphic to some viewers

By Gaven Ayala 1-27-14

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