Catching Air with the Monster Energy

Catching Air with the Monster Energy Tour in the middle of a Mid-America swing.  They hit Michigan square in the mitt at Brooklyn for the NASCAR race where he took the Monster Energy Toyota Camry to 3rd in NNS action.  Matt Buyten, heading to the X-Games to defend Gold in Step-Up rode his O’Neal Yamaha with Dustin Miller and Bryce Hudson in front of thousands of fans over the two day show. This was hot on the heels of the ROT Rally in Austin, Texas.  The crowd there was awesome and since it was a 21 and over only rally, well you can guess it was a pretty good time!

Buyten Likes to Whip Inverted!-Images Chris Barbero


After NASCAR it was time for a little break while the other crew of Beau Bamburg, Anthony Murray, Garrett Ahlf and John Distler rode at Wenatchee Super Oval to another batch of car racing fans. The wind almost decked the entire deal, but when you hire the best you get a show!  It has always been our policy to let the riders decide if they want to ride in the conditions present, be they wind, rain or –yes it has happened-snow.  These pros pulled it off though and I am not sure the fans had any idea how dangerous it was or how badly these guys love to entertain!  Should have some video and Hi-Res pics coming from this soon!

The Midwest crew had a few days off so Buyten went home to prep for X Games 18 while John Distler Iron-Manned his van from Washington to Pennsylvania to jump on the swing.  Monster Energy was once again the host at Wal-Mart in Butler, PA on a Thursday where we counted nearly 2500 fans during the shows with all of them getting to meet the riders and get autographs!  A quick tear down of the setup and a short drive to Weirton, West Virginia for another Monster Energy show at Wal-Mart went great too.  Imagine showing up to Wal-Mart on a Friday afternoon to cash your paycheck or do some shopping for that big BBQ and seeing the Monster Energy Tour busting tricks you have only seen on television!  Check out the pics and the schedule to see when we are coming to your town.  We have lots of dates in July!  Keep checking Facebook (we are under of course!) for calendar updates, pics and stories from the road and we are always looking for fan reaction and photos on there too!

-Cory Stem

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