Colten Moore win gold!

Colten Moore win gold!

Snowmobile Freestyle Results:

1 – Colten Moore
2 – Joe Parson
3 – Heath Frisdy
4 – Jack Rowe
5 – Sam Rogers
6 – Cory Davis
7 – Willie Elam
8 – Kourtney Hungerford

Check out Colten’s Gold medal run covered by ESPN on the XGames website below

Catching up with Garrett Ahlf

Garrett Ahlf started with us towards the end of our 2012 tour just after recovering from a broken back. In 2013 he became one of our full time riders and we watched him grow. We had a chance to sit down with him and talk.

Garrett, how long have you been riding and when did you decide to turn your passion into a career?

• I’ve been riding for 15 years and turned my passion into a career a couple years ago, put my head down and pushed forward.

What are some of your new and favorite tricks? Also, is there one in particular that puts you aside from other athletes?

• I’ve been working on my flips tricks and one I recently learned was a Cordova flip. It’s scary and fun to do. One trick people think I do pretty well is my super man and KOD since I’m tall the tricks look bigger than normal.

How did the back injury you suffered have an effect on you and your career?

• My back injury was over two years ago already pretty insane how fast it went by. It took me out of the scene for only a few months but it def put me in my place it taught me not to rush certain tricks.

We understand that your family is a huge part of your life. How does your wife feel about you risking your life as a career? Does having a one year old son make it difficult to be away so often?

• My wife wants me to pursue a career I love the only thing that affects us is she has a full time job as well and when I’m traveling she’s basically a single mom. Dropping our son off at day care at 7am then she goes to work till 4:30 picks him up goes home hangs out with him for a few and starts over the next day. When I’m gone Im useless at the parenting side besides talking to them over FaceTime or whatever. It’s def hard to be away from my wife and son.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your career?

• The biggest of my career so far is joining “The Nitro Circus Live” tour. I’m filling in for an injured rider but still be chosen out of so many good riders is a great feeling.

What sort of things should we expect to see from you in the future?

• I don’t know what’s going to happen in my future. Hopefully just riding and having fun. Hopefully making some cool short edits seems like they are really fun.

If you were to give any advice to up and coming riders what would you say?

• The best advice I can give is work hard and make contacts in the sport. The more people you know the more opportunity you will get.

Are there any sponsors or people you would like to thank?

• I would like to thank my family first and foremost they’ve been there since day one. Also my sponsors O’neal MX, Shifty Illusions, Hart and Huntington, Alpinestars, Blur, Get Blend, Moto-Gate, Works Connection, UNI Filter, Etnies, Ram Mounts, Dunlop tires, Pro Circuit, MB1 Suspension and thanks to Dan McGranahan and Marc Burnett for the opportunity to ride my bike all over the USA.

Thanks for your time Garrett

By Gaven Ayala 1-14-14

Monster Energy presesnts at Festival Cardenas Fontana CA


Monster Energy presesnts at Festival Cardenas Fontana CA

Dew tour results

Dew Tour Results-
1st – Adam Jones
2nd – Todd Potter
3rd – Taka Higashino
4th – Nate Adams
5th – Blake Williams
6th – Mike Mason
7th – Lance Coury
8th – Jeremy Stenberg
9th – Clinton Moore
10th – Kyle Loza


Steven Blakesley


Phone: (661) 835-1264 ext 3203






BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA (October 9, 2013) – Kern County Raceway Park, fueled by Monster Energy, will host the return of the world’s best riders to Bakersfield on Saturday afternoon November 23rd with the World Tour.


Ten of the world’s best riders will perform a two hour show in front of the 5,000 seat main grandstands on the front stretch of the brand-new half-mile speedway. riders soar 40 feet overhead ­between take-off and landing ramps 75 feet apart.


Riders including Bakersfield’s own Garrett Alhf will take to the sky on 250cc and 450cc motorcycles with a variety of tricks including back flips.  The rider lineup will include X Games Gold Medalist Matt Buyten, X Games Silver Medalist Dustin Miller, Metal Mulisha rider Kenny Bell and IFMA rider John Distler, along with FMX rider Jeff Griffen.


In addition to high-flying dirt bikes, fans can pick-up some sponsor “swag” and score autographs from their favorite superstar riders after the show at the Monster tent.


Tickets are available online now at  Grandstand gates and the ticket office will open at noon with the show getting underway at 2 p.m.  Tickets are just $15 for Adults, $8 for Seniors 65+, Active Military, Children 6-15, and Children 5 and under are free!  A Family Pass for two adults and two seniors or children is $40 (Box office only).  Reserved stadium seats are $20.


More information is available on Facebook at and on Twitter at


Major marketing partners include Coca Cola, Budweiser, CITGO Lubricants, Monster Energy, Advance Beverage Company, DC’s RV Center, Three-Way Chevrolet, and Whelen Engineering.


For marketing information on Kern County Raceway Park, contact Steven Blakesley of Blakesley Sports Media by email at or by phone at (661) 835-1264, ext 3203

Adam Jones and company return to the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships


San Francisco’s city hall will once again provide the back drop for an event that is quickly becoming a crowd and industry favourite…
(Photo: Alli Sports)

San Francisco, California (October 7, 2013) – For the second year in a row, some of freestyle motocross’ best will meet in San Francisco in front of the town’s city hall to battle it out at the Dew Tour’s FMX Triple Threat contest as part of the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.

Like last year, the event will give each rider three chances to show how well rounded they are. The contest will have ten riders competing against each other in three rounds. Each round will be a different event including no invert, best whip, and rider’s choice. The rider with the highest combined score total from all three rounds will become this year’s overall winner of the FMX Triple Threat.

It’s a format that both Alli Sports and the fans enjoy. Kenny Mitchell, General Manager of the Dew Tour will be the first to tell you that this format makes for a spectacular event, “Last year’s FMX Triple Threat contest at our debut Toyota City Championships in San Francisco was a huge success. The action of the competition pairs with the backdrop of City Hall for a really spectacular event. The Dew Tour has a strong history with FMX and we’re excited to be working with Carey Hart again this year to bring the format back to San Francisco with a strong roster of riders.”

If Kyle Loza brings a bigger whip, could this year be his year? (Photo: Alli Sports)

If Kyle Loza brings a bigger whip, could this year be his year?
(Photo: Alli Sports)

Headlining the rider line up is last year’s winner Adam Jones. Jones is coming off a strong X Games showing in Los Angeles were he was barely edged out by Taka Higashino for the win. Hungry for more, Jones says he is hoping for a win in San Francisco, “The triple threat format is a great format that challenges every aspect of FMX, I’m really looking forward to doing this contest again this year, and am hoping to bring home another win!”

Can Adam Jones repeat…? (Photo: Alli Sports)

Can Adam Jones repeat…?
(Photo: Alli Sports)

Joining Jones will be 2012 runner up and current X Games gold medalist, Taka Higashino. Gunning for last year’s top two will be Nate Adams, Mike Mason, Clinton Moore, Kyle Loza, Lance Coury, Blake Williams, and Todd Potter. And last but not least, in a bit of a surprise entry, former Dew Tour winner, Jeremy Stenberg will make his Dew Tour return this weekend.

The FMX Triple Threat event takes place this Sunday October 13th at 12pm PST San Francisco’s City Hall and will air during the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships Recap Show on NBC Sports Net on Monday October 21 at 11pm EST.

More information on the contest is also available for readers at:

2012 FMX Triple Threat Results-

1st Place – Adam Jones 91.10

2nd Place – Wes Agee 88.63

3rd Place -Taka Higashino 86.23

4th Place – Kyle Loza 85.57

5th Place – Javier Villegas 85.53

6th Place – Todd Potter 84.75

7th Place – Blake Williams 84.70

8th Place – Lance Coury 84.30

9th Place – Derek Garland 84.00

10th Place – Mike Mason DNS


Renegade Rendezvous



Sept 14 In Dickson, CA.

Design helmet graphics


Design the helmet graphics for freestyle motocross pro-rider Kyle Loza!

You must be 6-12 years old to participate in this contest. Get your parent’s permission.
No purchase necessary. Please read the rules first. You must be 6-12 years old to participate. Many will enter, but only one will win.

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Speed & Style

Speed & Style – Gold Match
Rank Name Score
1 Mike Mason 96.659R
2 Javier Villegas 85.00
Speed & Style – Bronze Match
Rank Name Score
1 Nate Adams 93.02R
2 Josh Sheehan 88.66
Speed & Style – Semifinals Heat 2
Rank Name Score
1 Javier Villegas 85.66
2 Nate Adams —
Speed & Style – Semifinals Heat 1
Rank Name Score
1 Mike Mason 92.805
2 Josh Sheehan 87.33
Speed & Style – Quarterfinals Heat 4
Rank Name Score
1 Nate Adams 89.00
2 Ronnie Renner 80.439
Speed & Style – Quarterfinals Heat 3
Rank Name Score
1 Javier Villegas 85.184
2 Mat Rebeaud 84.33
Speed & Style – Quarterfinals Heat 2
Rank Name Score
1 Josh Sheehan 89.33
2 Edgar Torronteras 86.222
Speed & Style – Quarterfinals Heat 1
Rank Name Score
1 Mike Mason 96.889
2 Lance Coury 78.33
Speed & Style – Seeding Session
Rank Name Score
1 Mike Mason 3.00
2 Nate Adams 6.00
3 Mat Rebeaud 8.00
4 Edgar Torronteras 8.00
5 Josh Sheehan 10.00
6 Javier Villegas 12.00
7 Ronnie Renner 12.00
8 Lance Coury 13.00

Moto X Step Up – Final

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 3.24.27 PM
Rank Name Max Height (FT)
1 Libor Podmol 29.00R
2 Matt Buyten 28.00
3 Ronnie Renner 28.00
4 Massimo Bianconcini 25.00
4 Brian Deegan 25.00
6 Brian Foster 25.00