The World Champion is back


The World Champion is back: Rinaldo wins Day Two of NIGHT of the JUMPs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, 2nd November 2014: A double bill of FMX Grand Prix took place this weekend in Shenzhen. The Chinese metropolis (10 million inhabitants) hosted the seventh and eight rounds of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship. Eleven riders lined up for Sunday’s competition in the local sports stadium.

A strong wind was blowing throughout the qualifying stage, which made life difficult for the contestants. Petr Pilat was the first to show signs of nervousness as he crashed on his first jump. But he jumped right back on his bike and thrilled the crowd with his proprietary Dead Body Flip. Next up was current championship leader Maikel Melero who landed in the dirt on his seventh jump. That brought his participation to an untimely end. Libor Podmol stumbled on his Cordova Flip, but retrieved the run with some great combos to qualify fourth.

Meanwhile, Remi Bizouard, Rob Adelberg and David Rinaldo seemed untroubled by the conditions and booked the top three slots in the final. Brice Izzo and Hannes Ackermann were less impressive than on Saturday but made it through nonetheless.

Luc Ackermann narrowly missed out on his first world championship final, but that only seemed to increase his motivation for the Rockwell Best Whip contest. There was a minor sensation here, with the 16-year-old German beating three-time FMX world champion Remi Bizouard. Both performed extravagant whips, but the judges ultimately decided in Luc’s favour by a wafer-thin margin.

The Maxxis Highest Air once again turned into a showdown between Massimo Bianconcini and Jose Miralles. The bar was gradually raised to 10.00 metres, at which point Jose dislodged it, leaving Massimo to lift the trophy.

Hannes Ackermann opened the final with a Rowdova Flip and his new ‘Porti Air’, a display that was good enough to overtake Brice Izzo whose run had to be repeatedly interrupted because of the gusty conditions. Podmol reprised his Surfer Takeoff Flip to remove Ackermann from the hot seat. The Czech occupied it until the last of the finalists completed his run, as neither Remi Bizouard nor Rob Adelberg managed to outscore him. But his time was up when David Rinaldo executed an ultra-extended Doublegrab Flip followed by a California Roll. So the evening ended with Rinaldo in first place ahead of Podmol and Adelberg.

Maikel Melero continues to lead the FMX World Championship on 120 points, but his margin over Libor Podmol has now shrunk to six. So there is still everything to play for in the final two rounds of the championship.

The 2014 FIM Freestyle MX World Champion will be crowned at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on the weekend of 21st/22nd November. Because of a clash of dates in Sofia (Bulgaria) and also the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa, the events scheduled for those locations have had to be cancelled or postponed to next year. Consequently, the NIGHT of the JUMPs weekend in Frankfurt has been upgraded to another double bill of championship contests, and the series will be decided on German soil.

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Intense Weekend in China

Hey everyone,

We just came back from a very successful and intense weekend in China with two exciting world championship rounds. The major upset of the weekend was rankings leader Maikel Melero (ESP) posting a 4th and a 10th place and letting current runner up Libor Podmol close the gap to just 6 points.

The 2014 FIM Freestyle MX World Champion will be crowned at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on the weekend of 21st/22nd November. Because of a clash of dates in Sofia (Bulgaria) and also the ongoing crisis in West Africa, the events scheduled for those locations have had to be cancelled or postponed to next year. Consequently, the NIGHT of the JUMPs weekend in Frankfurt has been upgraded to another double bill of championship contests, and the series will be decided on German soil.

Event Highlights – NIGHT of the JUMPs China, Round 8 2014

Event Highlights – NIGHT of the JUMPs China, Round 7 2014

Josh Hansen confirmed for Straight Rhythm


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Santa Monica, California (September 12, 2014) – The first eight riders have been confirmed to compete in Red Bull Straight Rhythm presented by Dodge Dart. The eight names are just the first of 32 riders that will compete in the innovative, head-to-head motocross competition on Saturday, Oct. 4 at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, Calif. The prize purse has been set at $100,000.

Action sports icon Travis Pastrana, 2012 AMA Motocross champion Ryan Dungey, and one of the most accomplished motocross riders in the sport’s history, James Stewart, headline this initial list of eight confirmed participants which also includes Josh Hansen, Josh Hill, Brett Metcalfe, Cole Seely and Dean Wilson, all racing in the event’s Open Class. The inaugural event will feature 32-riders facing off in a bracketed single-elimination format, racing head-to-head on a 1/2 mile-long, “unwound” track. Tickets are available for $20 at

The balance of participating riders will be announced in the weeks to come.

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Australian Speed and Style title heads to Tasmania this November

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Latrobe, Tasmania (September 15, 2014) – Motorcycling Tasmania and Latrobe Speedway are combining to bring the best Freestyle Motocross Riders from across the country to Tasmania to crown the first ever Motorcycling Australia sanctioned Australian FMX and Australian Speed & Style Champions.

The event to be held at Bendigo Bank Arena in Latrobe on November 15 is the first of its kind in Australia, combining 2 types of skill.

Special guest for the event will be World Record Holder, FMX Superstar and Stuntman, Robbie Maddison.

Maddison still holds 2 world records for the longest jump on a 125cc motorcycle (2008) and the longest jump on a 250cc with a trick (2005). He is also known for his amazing stunts, jumping the fountains at Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas), jumping onto and off of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas. Backflipped over the Tower Bridge in London and did more tricks over the Conrinth Canal in Greece.

Australian FMX Legend and X Games Gold Medallist Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams has designed a multi-use track which will send the Competitors flying high for FMX, as well as provide some great racing for the Speed & Style.

The Jono Porter Award will also be presented to the winner of the Australian FMX Title. Jono Porter was one of the Pioneers of Australian Freestyle Motocross and was the first in the Country to perform the backflip. Jono was not only a FMX Rider but also a MX Racer.

Porter was involved in a first corner racing incident at a round of the MX Nationals in Queensland. He passed away on June 9, 2004. He was 22 years old. He is known as Australia’s version of Travis Pastrana. To all the Competitors this just heightens their want to take out the title.

Riders will be judged by experienced FMX Originals – James ‘Bubba’ Chiasson and Kain Saul from Crusty Demons.

Nitro Circus mad man Cam Sinclair highlights a solid list of competing riders. (Photo: Sony Action Cam)

Rider List:

Cam Sinclair

Jay Archer

Steve Mini

Matty McFerran

Truman Carroll

Jake Holloway

Luke McNeill

Pete Anderson

Brayden Davies

Jake Brown

Harry Bink

Daniel Coe

Brodie Markham

Daniel Ford

Jay Woolley

Josh Woolley

Ben Madden

Ryan Brown

*Rider line up subject to change*
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Bike Flip Tom Pages 2014

Can-am enter to win

Winner will receive:
Their choice of 1 Can-Am off-road vehicle.
Retail value up to $20,899 USD/ $24,374 CAD

XGames Moto lineup


Step Up

Matt Buyten

Ronnie Ronnie

Josh Hansen

Libor Podmol

Jeremy Stenberg

Bryce Hudson

Best Whip

Josh Hansen

Tom Parsons

Beau Bamburg

Edgar Torronteras (Alternate)

Jarryd McNeil

Tom Pages

Destin Cantrell

Speed & Style

Kris Foster

Nate Adams

Jeremy Stenberg

Jarryd McNeil

Robbie Marshall

Mike Mason

Javier Villegas

Lance Coury

Blake Williams

Edgar Torronteras


Taka Higashino

Rob Adelberg

Tom Pages

Remi Bizouard

Levi Sherwood

Libor Podmol

Dany Torres

Adam Jones

James Carter (Alternate)

Josh Sheehan

Wes Agee

Maikel Melero (Alternate)

Bruce Cook rd to recovery

Bruce Cook suffered a spinal cord injury on 1-3-14 attempting the worlds first double front flip on a dirt bike at the Nitro circus live tour stop at Copps Colliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. According to Nitro Circus cook said he has no feeling or movement in his legs.  He was transferred to Hamilton General Hospital where he underwent surgery the next day to repair his broken T-11 vertebrae. After surgery he posted an update on Facebook.

“This morning I underwent 3 hours of surgery on my back and I’ll likely be in hospital in Ontario for the remainder of the week at which time I will transfer to BC. Again, thank you so much for all the support and positive messages. My mom and dad are here with me and helping keep spirits high. I’ve got this!… There is definitely a smile under that mask Remember, smiles are contagious!”

In almost every picture and every status he updated he is shown giving a huge smile and staying positive in his recovery. He posted this just the day after surgery – “Here’s what happens when you #smileforbc. Go ahead, show off those chiclets and spread some contagious smiles. Dare you!”  His friends and family that respond are very happy to see him keeping such a positive attitude.

On 1-10-14 he was transferred to B.C. to a hospital closer to home and when able will continue his recovery at a rehabilitation center that specializes on spinal cord injuries.

1-27-14 Bruce posted on Facebook. Day 24 update: “This past week has been all about figuring out pain meds and what works best for me. I had an unexpected nasty battle with nausea with many of the combinations of meds but it looks like we’ve finally got it figured. As someone who’s not a huge fan of painkillers, I’ve found an amount that seems to be working to at least keep me comfortable for physio, rehab, and some outdoor adventures. The word is that I’ll be heading to G.F. Strong today or tomorrow where I’ll really be able to kick it into high gear and pin it in recovery. Pretty excited to get out of the hospital where it’s been waaay to many hours laid up in bed for my liking! Huge thank you to the nurses and staff at Vancouver General Hospital, they’ve all been awesome and really good at exchanging smiles and high fives. Again, thanks to all friends, fans and family… The support I continue to receive is mind blowing and always helps give that extra little push that’s sometimes needed. Keep spreading those smiles  BC”

On-line donations can be made at or by mail at Road 2 Recovery Action Sports, 1042 N El Camino Real, Suite B-350. Encinitas, CA 92024, USA.

WARNING the following may be graphic to some viewers

By Gaven Ayala 1-27-14

Colten Moore win gold!

Colten Moore win gold!

Snowmobile Freestyle Results:

1 – Colten Moore
2 – Joe Parson
3 – Heath Frisdy
4 – Jack Rowe
5 – Sam Rogers
6 – Cory Davis
7 – Willie Elam
8 – Kourtney Hungerford

Check out Colten’s Gold medal run covered by ESPN on the XGames website below

Catching up with Garrett Ahlf

Garrett Ahlf started with us towards the end of our 2012 tour just after recovering from a broken back. In 2013 he became one of our full time riders and we watched him grow. We had a chance to sit down with him and talk.

Garrett, how long have you been riding and when did you decide to turn your passion into a career?

• I’ve been riding for 15 years and turned my passion into a career a couple years ago, put my head down and pushed forward.

What are some of your new and favorite tricks? Also, is there one in particular that puts you aside from other athletes?

• I’ve been working on my flips tricks and one I recently learned was a Cordova flip. It’s scary and fun to do. One trick people think I do pretty well is my super man and KOD since I’m tall the tricks look bigger than normal.

How did the back injury you suffered have an effect on you and your career?

• My back injury was over two years ago already pretty insane how fast it went by. It took me out of the scene for only a few months but it def put me in my place it taught me not to rush certain tricks.

We understand that your family is a huge part of your life. How does your wife feel about you risking your life as a career? Does having a one year old son make it difficult to be away so often?

• My wife wants me to pursue a career I love the only thing that affects us is she has a full time job as well and when I’m traveling she’s basically a single mom. Dropping our son off at day care at 7am then she goes to work till 4:30 picks him up goes home hangs out with him for a few and starts over the next day. When I’m gone Im useless at the parenting side besides talking to them over FaceTime or whatever. It’s def hard to be away from my wife and son.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in your career?

• The biggest of my career so far is joining “The Nitro Circus Live” tour. I’m filling in for an injured rider but still be chosen out of so many good riders is a great feeling.

What sort of things should we expect to see from you in the future?

• I don’t know what’s going to happen in my future. Hopefully just riding and having fun. Hopefully making some cool short edits seems like they are really fun.

If you were to give any advice to up and coming riders what would you say?

• The best advice I can give is work hard and make contacts in the sport. The more people you know the more opportunity you will get.

Are there any sponsors or people you would like to thank?

• I would like to thank my family first and foremost they’ve been there since day one. Also my sponsors O’neal MX, Shifty Illusions, Hart and Huntington, Alpinestars, Blur, Get Blend, Moto-Gate, Works Connection, UNI Filter, Etnies, Ram Mounts, Dunlop tires, Pro Circuit, MB1 Suspension and thanks to Dan McGranahan and Marc Burnett for the opportunity to ride my bike all over the USA.

Thanks for your time Garrett

By Gaven Ayala 1-14-14