Fourth of July at Paradise Casino in Yuma

This weekend saw the Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour Presented by Monster Energy roll into a steamy Yuma, Arizona for our annual Fourth of July demo at Paradise Casino.  Ma’ Nature interrupted the action a couple of times, but even in varied winds-the riders were up to par once again.

The crew set up the night prior trying to escape the high heat and beating sun.  They had it all set up and were headed to the hotel for dinner when  brutal wind storm came through threatening to tear the ramp banners and ez-ups down.  Dust was blinding and made it hard to see 20 feet while they tore it all down before the winds destroyed the setup.  So, as it was, the setup was done in 105 degree temps but looked great when it was all said and done.  The day was so hot the riders didn’t even bother to practice, opting to save thier energy for the night shows.

First show was at seven and Beau Bamburg, James Carter and John Distler took to the skies for the capacity crowd of 5,000 locals.  The crowd cheered loudly for the huge flip tricks and right side ups done to perfection by all three.  The second demo was washed out due to wind so when time came for the final demo- the riders went all out and then some even though at 9pm the temperature was still 103 degrees!  In the General Tire Best Shoot-out, where the riders gave one trick and one whip at the best level they could, the crowd judged James Carter over the favorite Beau Bamburg.  I think Beau had the whip (of course) even though James Turndown was really turned around, but James KOD Flip in the wind put him over the top.  The kid is on fire and as I have said more than once- he should be in X Games come 2012. 

The riders even signed autographs for over an hour to make sure everyone got SMP stickers and Boost Mobile autograph cards made in memoriam of Jeff “OX” Kargola.  The tour would like to thank all the fans who came out and fought the heat and wind to watch the shows and the riders for toughing it out and giving it thier all! 

The Boost Mobile Worldwide Tour presented by Monster Energy is the longest running and best traveling FMX show in the world and they are coming to a city near you.  To get more info on the tour or to book a show use the “Contact Us” tab above and we’ll pass on the word.

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