Picks a Winner for ASA World Championship of FMX

This Saturday is the ASA World Championship of FMX in Pomona, CA and it’s time to pick a winner. Should be a good one as many of the usual names are sidelined right now and it is time for a handful of guys to step out from behind the podium shadow and do some work.

Here are’s predictions. What are yours?

1st Mike Mason- Mase is on a hot streak right now and has really taken his riding to a new level. He rides with confidence and that is half the battle for lots of riders. I’ll put money on this one.

2nd Javier Villegas- The Chillin’ Chilean has spent this year riding in Red Bull X-Fighters and practicing into the pit when ever he can. He is very serious about winning and I think with this being his first big contest on adopted US soil for him this year-he will be extra motivated. It won’t be easy, but nothing has been for Javi so he is used to working past it.

3rd- Beau Bamburg- Beau is hungry. He had a great start to the year on the Nuclear Cowboys Tour and then got invited to a couple of Red Bull X- Fighters, that’s when the wheels started to come off the wagon. One stop saw the countershaft sprocket of his “new” rented bike fall off on the way to a takeoff and another a nasty inner ear infection taking control of his equilibrium. Healthy and on his own bike- I think we will see a fight for second here.

Now- looking at the list of other invites; Todd Potter, Taka Hagashino, Libor Podmol, Rob Adelberg and Ronnie Faisst- you can tell it is a stacked field. But reports coming in today say it is a technical course with a tight Double-Double that is really going to benefit those with awesome bike skills and confidence. It’s really tough to work up your guts and comfort level with a technical course having just a couple hours to practice. Ronnie Faisst may not make it at all as he just had surgery to remove the screws from his rodded femur on Wednesday.

As we get more news on the comp we will post it up on our Twitter feed (@freestylemx) and post a story and some pics/vid here. Stay tuned…

-Cory Stem

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