General Tire Moto Report

Still all quiet mostly around the moto world.  Teams are testing, Nuclear Cowboyz are ready to rehearse and most of the industry is hunkered down getting ready for 2012. There is no rest in this business!

The Athlete Recovery Fund, founded by former BMX pro Alistair Cooke, has just announced that it has purchased 100 memberships to Med-Jet International Medevac Coverage.  It is offering these up to action sport athletes on e a first come first served basis for only $175 a year- a $50 savings over the normal rate!  For more info go to the Athlete Recovery Fund and get all the details. Look for more insurance options for action sports competitors to come soon!


The R.A.D. Awards are right around the corner and Lance Coury, Rich Kearns and Kyle Cowling are nominated for “Sickest Viral Video”and they need your help to win!  Peep the video here Sickest Viral Video then head over here to vote for the win!    Caution to snow bound riders- this will make you want to ride very badly!!

Metal Mulisha shredder, Derek Garland, loaded his beard and running shoes up and went to Sin City to participate in the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll Marathon last week.  He ran the 1/2 in momory of his buddy Jeff “Ox” Kargola and finished in a time of 3:55:36!  Runners don’t really run against each other for place, but against thier “PR” or personal record.  This was Derek’s first half marathon so this is his new PR!  Nice job Brother!






The Nuclear Cowboyz are setting up the stages in an arena in Florida to get ready for rehearsals.  The tour starts in  2012 and look for some updates from rehearsals, updates from the riders and a look at thier schedule coming in the next few weeks.  Go to right now if you can’t wait and get your tickets quick.  It’s an awesome show (seen it three times) and I know as word gets out, it will start to sell out!

FMX is still working hard over in Europe where they don’t have to compete with Thanksgiving Holiday dollars and they can get riders signed on who are usually busy.  Last weekend the show featured Remi Bizouard, Petr Pilat, Dustin Miller, Blake Williams, and Scott Murray on double flip duty.  The site is in Polish- but I do know that 12 year old phenom-Cesak Matej- came out and jumped.  Doing my research now- follow that name.  You can do it the easy way and just look at pictures from Ricky Monti and EXPN and pretend you were there and understand the Polish language!

Other little tid’s

-Drake McElroy is going to be talking about and showing some of his custom one off bikes on Drakes Passage on FuelTV- watch every episode so I don’t have to tell you which one. You won’t be dissapointed.  Drake and I talked a little about vintage customs a while back and he knows his stuff-so your Dad might be interested too.

-You can still pick up Jim McNeil Memorabilia like shirts and stickers at I just got my shirt yesterday and it not only is a great way to show my support for a buddy- its a nice shirt too!  REMEMBER-this is the only official outlet (and the stores listed on thier site) and any others you find are fakes.

-Do you ride a mountain bike or run/cycle for fitness?  If you do, you probably need good socks to keep blisters and moisture away. Those can get pricey but ( has awesome socks in plain and cool designs for really cheap.  I picked up a few sets the other day and after one ride found they are just as comfy as my socks that cost twice as much. Full review coming soon.  If you go- tell them sent you.

-Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg stepped up to the plate and recognized his roots by holding an Amatuer FMX Contest on December 18th at Pala Raceway.  he picked up where the AFMXA left off and we plan to be on hand.

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