This weekend is a busy one for moto and it has been a madhouse around here.  My Blackberry hasn’t been unplugged from the charger in three days, my wife is going nuts from all the text notifications coming in and my dogs bark at me like I am a stranger when I come in!  I am going to split this into two days just because the news, rumor and speculation is coming in fast and furious and changing faster than the lead of a AMA MX race.

Have you ever yard-saled your gear bag, ramp, stand, cooler and gas can down the freeway?  If you haven’t it is most likely that you will at some point when you load up all your stuff into your truck. Hell, with gas prices we are all carpooling so now you have a two-fer sale!  Moto-Gate, founded by FMX ripper Lance Coury, is having a giveaway promotion on their Facebook.  Rip it up here for a chance to win by becoming their friend and good luck.  Tell them sent you over- it won’t give you a better chance to win, but it certainly can’t hurt.

X-Games 17 is right around the corner and the debate/moaning about who should be in and out is still raging.  I talked about it earlier in the week and now there is a poll going on to see if Monster Energy rider Adam Jones should be added to the Freestyle comp. Follow the link to put in your vote at FMTX where as of this it was 92% for.  In years past the forum over there has been the unspoken influence in the past for the X-Games organizers, or so we would like to think.  You could comment here because I know for a fact that a few of the competition board read this site.  My opinion- I think he is on their radar, but with only eight riders being chosen, it doesn’t look good for Jones.  I think he deserves a shot personally, but then if you look at the facts, I can see why they may skip him.  He sits ninth in points in the  Red Bull X-Fighters series behind many of the current X-Games confirmed.  The reason he is so far back is a poor performance due to a sore knee.  Who knows what is up with his knee besides him, but if you only have eight riders to showcase to an international audience, you want every single one of them firing on all cylinders.  Remember, for better or for worse, X is about entertainment.  I think a solid performance tomorrow in Madrid will make a huge difference.  I really want to see him do well and from the sounds of his tweets, the knee is no longer and issue.

Speaking of Madrid, that is where the Red Bull X-Fighters will be returning for the 10th consecutive year and where it all started.  I peeped a pretty cool video by Tes Sewell on EXPN courtesy of Ryan Leyba which spoke of the history of the event. It is the fourth of a six round series for 2011 and right now, three of the top five riders in points could win and become only the second multiple time Madrid winner behind Travis Pastrana who won it three times (Damn- lots of numbers in that little stat huh?)  Nate Adams leads the overall points with 265, a full forty over Andre Villa.  Third is Torres and he leads Maddo and Bilko by ten. Maddo and Bilko are tied for 4th at 135 points.  I really wanted to pick Nate to win tomorrow, but according to his Twitter account, he broke a bone in his finger this week.  Which one is unspecified, and how bad wasn’t said.  But-(I told you things are changing minute to minute) he has decided to sit this round out.  I really have been impressed by Villa, so this will make it his championship to lose and should give some renewed fire to all those behind him in points.  So my picks are Villa, Maddo, and Jones- in that order.  Leave yours below and whoever gets it right will get a jumbo sized SMP sticker. The event airs live on the interwebs at 4:30 pm Eastern time on the RedBull site.

Speaking of Blake “Bilko” Williams, he just picked up a new sponsor in Bel-Ray, who also coincidentally is a huge sponsor of Two-Two Motorsports Chad Reed, also an Aussie.  I say forget about China trying to take over the US, we need to keep an eye on those Australians!!

Speaking of SMP- I reported on here months ago that they were making a comeback.  Well it has been a few months and things got quiet.  I found out why and also found that while a due date is imminent, a hard date is not released.  Apparently buying the rights to a company that was bought up by a huge corporation, spread out amongst the world and then shut down leaves a lot of international legal wrangling that cropped up.  I have rarely dealt with international law, but I know it can be time consuming.  The powers that be at SMP promised me the are coming back and to please be patient. They did give me a fat stack of 4×9 stickers though- so I want to share the love.  Like I said- winning RBXF Madrid predictions for top three get one, just put it in the comments below.

More coming tomorrow as I am sure things I wrote today will change again.  I’ll also be giving my picks for the AMA MX in Millville, NJ this weekend.  A tight points battle there, and I think we are going to see sparks fly as the season goes through the halfway marker.

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