Let’s Load Up for the Weekend!

Let’s Load Up for the Weekend



It’s Friday in most parts of the world so let’s get loaded up and ready for a big weekend!  Red Bull X-Fighters rides shotgun, industry news gets tossed in back between some cool links and some news.

The Red Bull X-Fighters tour kicks down in Poland this Saturday night and the carnage has already begun.  Qualified order has been set but your #3 qualifier will not be attending the night show. Norway rider, Andre Villa, went in hard on his final jump and broke his femur to end his day- but he still managed to set himself third!  Word is he had to bail on an Under Flip and his left foot got hung up in his foot hook. The Russell Brothers are there filming and have not released the tape yet, but you can spy a frame right here listed under SCARY and let your mind melt.

As far as I know everyone else is doing pretty well and looking at the brackets I see that Nate Adams, fresh off his X Games 17 gold put himself into the top slot for the show with Adam Jones slotting back in 6th.  Hot riding Spaniard Dany Torres sandwiched himself in the number two slot for round 2.  A rider of note is Chile’s Javier Villegas who will end up with a “bye” in the second round due to Villa’s early exit.  Libor Podmol should be interesting to watch and Mat Rebuad makes his return to competition after sitting out with industry.  The overall points will take a shaking now too.  Villa led with 270 points coming in and Adams was only 5 points behind.  Dany Torres has 245 and will surely move up to a top two this Saturday. 

Here are my picks for Poland: 1) Nate Adams 2)Dany Torres 3)Adam Jones.  What are yours?


X Games is behind us and TransworldMX was there with their cameras pulling down the pics.  Here is the link to their slideshow from X.

Keep your eyes on Freestylemx.com in the coming weeks as we are adding a new feature to the site. 2Wheels-1Mind, owned by Patrick Schooler, is dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental game of moto and pedal bike riders and is based out of Colorado.  Patrick will be writing articles for us and gracing us with his wisdom.  I talked to him at length, and while I am no trainer, I have been trained by cycling coaches and this guy knows what he is doing.  And best of all you can get his advice here for FREE!  If you have a special request or question of Patrick shoot it to me or just go to his site at www.2wheels1mind.com

The Boost Mobile Freestylemx.com Worldwide Tour Presented by Monster Energy checked in.  They were in Indianapolis last weekend for Pastranathon and his NASCAR Nationwide Debut.  Of course you have heard by now that Travis Pastrana broke himself off in Best Trick, and if you haven’t you really need to get in here more often.  Anyway- he missed out on our fun as Beau Bamburg, John Distler and James Carter all amazed the ridiculously cool fans of Indianapolis.  We all watched X Games together and I felt kind of bad for Beau as we watched a lamely fan judged Best Whip contest.  At least I let him beat me at bowling!  The guys rode demos two days straight and then signed autographs.  Judging on the amount of inquiries into TP I got from fans, I think NASCAR, Michael Waltrip and Boost Mobile/Samsung made a good gamble on the lunatic we know as Travis.  The boys got on the roll and are headed to Dodge City, Kansas for Dodge City Days on Aug 5-6 then its east bound and down to Coffeyville for our annual contest there.  Blake Shipman will be on hand to film for his upcoming documentary so look for some sneak peeks right here on Freestylemx.com!  Check the schedule for upcoming shows and get to one!

Speaking of upcoming shows, looks like Animosity will be holding their FMX Pro-Am in Gallup, New Mexico on August 27th and they invite you to ride your bike or a chair- go there.    The annual PINN-IT Bash kicks over on the same date just in Dodd City, TX.   Same deal pretty much and you can scope the dish here.

In industry news, No Fear Inc., retailer of clothing in many malls across America has been having some financial issues this year and was ready to go into bankruptcy court.  At the eleventh hour a UK based company bought the rights to the company and now a west coast U.S. company has taken control of the western stores.  Ryderz Compound Inc. purchased the rights for $3.1 million and plans to keep most of the current stores and employees in operation.  No Fear mainly sold its own lines of clothing but the new owners may diversify and start selling other brands. 

That does it for today- I am gassed and my luggage finally is catching up to me here at the palatial Dodge City Regional Airport.  If you get any scoops- send them my way and I will make it worth your while if I use them!  Over and Out!

-Cory Stem

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