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From Sila in Oregon-Im turning 14 and since I saw your tour at Lane County Fair, I’ve gotten into freestyle mx. All I want to know is how much it costs and if its possible. Thanks.

Hi Sila-
Glad you caught the show in Eugene, Oregon- I really hope we go back soon because the shows and fans are awesome there!  Riding Freestyle is a blast and here is how you do it.
It costs some money to ride safely.  Safe is the key word because it costs a LOT MORE to do it unsafely!  Okay-assuming you know how to ride decently and are ready to get a bike that can handle FMX you can spend around $3000 for a clean and reliable machine.  If you don’t have a quality and good condition helmet, boots and gloves you will need those too.  Then you have to ride and ride and ride and ride.  All that practice makes you good, which makes you safe, which means you don’t fall and break stuff that costs more money all the time.  But it also costs to maintain your bike, buy gas and parts, and the time you will spend taking care of it all and earning the money.
But if you are smart-you can save lots of money.  Make good friends at the local motorcycle shop, maybe offer to sweep floors and clean for parts or gear.  A good relationship with your shop saves $$.  Buy used bikes and gear, take care of what you do have and think before you act.  I know your parents probably told you all this in relation to school or your chores-but I hate to say it, they are right and it will always be the ones who work the hardest and smartest will go the furthest!
Thanks for the question and Happy Holidays from Freestylemx.com!!

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