Manic Monday- July 18, 2011

Well it is time for the first ever Manic Monday on the all-new  If you get this today, you are on the ground floor as we haven’t made our “official” launch of the new site yet.  That happens tomorrow.  SO- for anyone that reads this today and gets into the comment section before midnight tonight, I will send you a 4×9 SMP decal and I’ll even cover the postage stamp. You have to reply in the comments section though.  I have a load of them decals so it is okay to tell your friends to get involved too.  Anyway- now that I am done sidetracking you with free stuff- onto the mission of Manic Monday.

Manic Monday is just a weekly column where I gather up little bits of news thrown at me all weekend long and put them in one spot.  Many of the bits will become full features during the week and some won’t. It’s just a way to gauge some interest.  If you see anything you want more news on- get at me!

Kick starting this sucker is some bad news.  You read in the Holeshot about Mike Metzger and his crash this weekend.  Still no changes that I have heard yet.  If I hear anything, first place it will show is on our Twitter feed so join up on that to get the latest.  Keep the man in your minds and hearts and if you pray- do some for him too. 

Something that would make him happy if he were awake to hear it is some of his MOB FMX crew kicking tail around the world.  Javier Villegas qualified for the “night show” of the Red Bull X-Fighters in Madrid Spain last Friday.  Javi got into the top eight and had went head to head with favorite, Dani Torres who is from Spain.  He was eliminated shortly after that, but good to see our Chillin’ Chilean moving on up in the world! 

Another Mobber did well this weekend too- James Carter (you will see this guy in the top level in 2012- I’ll bet both my whole seed sack on that) won the Monster Energy X-Pilots Tijuana Mexico stop.  He already won La Paz earlier this year.  I want to add a little to this but I am not trusting the “Bing” translator, so I’ll be talking to James soon.  I guess nicknaming him “Jamie” (in  Spanish, James is pronounced Hi-me) worked out well…

Red Bull X-Fighters was won by Dani Torres on his home soil over Blake “Bilko” Williams and Josh Sheehan.  The comp was pretty good and there was a little controversy, but you will have to come back later in the week for that.

The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship hit the “right”  coast in New Jersey last weekend and it saw it’s share of fireworks too.  A rough track worked the racers over pretty good with Ryan Dungey taking the overall on Ryan Villopoto and Trey Canard.  Where was Reed?  He tried earning some extra frequent flyer points in the second moto-check this out!  In the 250’s, it was a Pro Circuit broomfest again on the podium-stay tuned for a full report!

I’ll have more this week with interviews, in-depth reports and more of what you want.  Oh-yeah, what do you want? Let me know in the comments or contact the editor sections.  Roost!

-Cory Stem

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