Monster Energy presented by SMP Clothing Road Update

Monster Energy presented by SMP Clothing Road Update

Been super busy out on the road lately!  In the month of July we hit 20 cities for 26 shows in 31 days-that is ripping for the longest running and busiest FMX tour on the planet and we drank plenty of Monster Energy to get us through.

I left off last time with us leaving Indian River, MI and while we were there, our other tour bus (we have two) was in Carlisle, PA with Metal Mulisha’s Kenny Bell, Garrett Ahlf and Matt Buyten who was fresh of second place at X-Games Step Up.  They were on a three day trip to the Carlisle Car Show and even though they encountered some fierce weather, they had a great time once they met up with some Midget Wrestlers.  I only saw the pictures, but it looks like they had a great time with Bell and Buyten even getting stick figure tattoos from the wrestlers themselves.  Not gonna lie, sounds like a good time!  That bus swung out for a long drive to Wyoming where the three once again proved why they are some of the best in the business for and awesome crowd there before another long drive to Bangor, Maine for the fair.

Our bus has been all over the Midwest driving past miles of dried out corn.  First we shot south to Missouri for some Wal-Mart and Speedway shows, then back north to Minnesota where the man tried to get us cross-rutted prior to our three shows up there.  We hit Shakopee Raceway to a nearly sold out crowd then straight over to a brand new Mills Fleet-Farm for two days of demos.  Back south again to Dodge City, Kansas where we were once again treated like kings by Western Beverage at Dodge City Days.  A quick tour of their warehouse found Monster Energy stacked thirty feet high, six feet deep and over 100 feet long!  The beer collection had us in awe as there was over an acre of suds 40 feet high in a 60 degree mega fridge.  John Distler, Rich Kearns and Bryce Hudson have been tearing it up and are riding well together.

We had to motor over to the St. Louis area for three days straight of shows in three locations.  First was Bommars Bar and Grill where we were wined and dined and a Great-Grandma who might have had one too many Monster Bombs touched me where Grannies probably shouldn’t-awkward!  Next night was opening for Summerland Tour with 90’s bands like the Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Everclear and we got to hang out backstage for a bit after that.  Another Wal-Mart and back on the road which leads us to today where we are doing laundry enroute to the Milwaukee area for a couple shows.  Check the calendar for dates and times or just go to our FaceBook page at for more info.

Gotta dry and finish with the Wi-Fi-see ya!

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