Monster Energy Summer Vacation

The Monster Energy Tour has been rolling hard and fast across America again this summer with tour buses in two parts of the country.  The first has been on the west side in Reno, Nevada for the High Desert Racing Association series where they did three shows in three days in three different locations. Metal Mulisha’s Kenny Bell, Garrett Ahlf and Lance Coury did the duties there riding at the high altitudes in the desert.  A “day” usually means washing the bus, driving to the venue, a three hour set up, a few demos, then a three hour tear down.  It makes for long hours but it’s worth it when we see the smiling faces and hear the roar of the crowd at the shows.  Luckily we are fully stocked with Monster Energy Rehab drinks to fill us back up with electrolytes and real juice.

The other tour bus has spent the last week in the states of Missouri and Kansas, criss-crossing back and forth doing a show almost every day of the week in a different city every day.  Of course, if you have stepped outside just about anywhere in the country it has been super hot and we had our riders doing back flips in 111 degree temps and gusty winds-but when you hire the best they always step up to the plate and perform like it’s just another day.  We started out in Overland Park/Mission, Kansas with John Distler, Dustin Miller and Bryce Hudson taking to the air for a couple of days.  For July 4th John Distler shot back to Yuma, Arizona and the other tour bus to backflip his KTM ATV for our annual Paradise Casino show while Derek Cook filled in for him in Missouri.  Distler jetted back along with Rich Kearns for shows at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Kansas City and back down to Wichita Kansas.

Both Monster Energy buses get a rest for a day or two (rest is driving, washing and cleaning!) and get restocked with Mosnter Energy before the midwest group drives north to Milwaukee then Ohio and on up to the Michigan-Canadian border! There is no stopping the Monster Energy tour proving once again that it’s the busiest, longest running and BEST traveling Freestyle show on the planet. Keep checking the schedule here on make sure to visit us on Facebook at “” to see what our fans have been posting to our page and stay on top of our hectic schedule!

-Cory Stem

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