Read and Reviewed- X Play Nation

Read and Reviewed- X Play Nation by Alex Striler

-Cory Stem

Soon the long days of BBQ’s, riding and hanging with friends are going to transition to early darkness and hiding from the cold and you can only play video games so long before cabin fever starts to eat at you.  You will need something to keep your mind occupied so you don’t go postal and take up knitting or start internet searches for cute kitten photos-you will need a book.  If you are gonna sit down and read, it might as well be something you care about and it should be interesting too.  Well kids, I give you Alex Striler and X  Play Nation.         

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If you work in the action sports industry, wonder how it all works or just want a history lesson of skate, surf, snow, motorsport and some of it’s prime movers from the last couple of decades, this book is for you.  I like to consider it a very interesting textbook that chronicles some of action sports marketing geniuses be they household names, athletes or behind the scenes characters.  If you ever wondered how skateboarding’s culture went from underground Punk to Hip-Hop to Pop-Punk, you will find the answer here.  Why DC Shoes is wildly popular while Duff’s died out-you’ll find out why from the people who ran those companies.  Alex does a fantastic job of grabbing insight and wisdom from the action sport industry while putting it all together in an easy to read format that keeps you glued to the pages.  I can say that my legs have fallen asleep on the throne at least three times from reading too long at a stretch!

Featured personalities such as Dave Mirra, Ken Block, Tim Hansen, Carey Hart and many more share their knowledge and experiences that are to be invaluble for those aspiring to work in the industry and those already entrenched.  And it’s not just about marketing- athletes, managers, grunts and media can learn alot from this book. 

My only complaints about the book are that it is too short and that it could have more content.  I really found myself wanting to know more about Matt Hoffman and what he had to say or more detailed accounts from Tony Mag and his stories from back in the day.  I call that a complaint, but it is really a testament to the writer who provided story and left me wanting more!  If I had a real bitch it would be that sometimes the author repeated information two or three times in a matter of a couple of pages or paragraphs.  I guess that lends itself to the “textbook” side of things meaning that certain details won’t be forgotten soon by most. 

This book gets a solid 4 stars out of 5 available as it pulled solid all from bottom to top and I would for sure give any book from Alex a ride in the future.  I even paid for this book on my own dime, so that right there shows no favoritism!  Pick yours up at many stores and on the internet-get it today and stave off the crazies when the snow comes down this winter!

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