Red Bull X-Fighters 2016 in Madrid

The Red Bull X-Fighters 2016 in Madrid are getting closer. Time to introduce you a bit more to our twelve worldclass level riders who will battle it out in the „home of FMX“ on June 24th, 2016. Exclusively for our core media partners we offer you embeddable video profiles of our ten pro riders and the two „Novilleros“ as well as full bios with all kinds of statistics for you to use for free. You will find all the infos you need to present the riders at the 15th anniversary of Red Bull X-Fighters at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas.

Watch it live!
Be one of more than 20,000 excited fans in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid… or watch it live. Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid will broadcast live on and Red Bull TV at 10 pm CET on June 24th. Red Bull TV is available on connected TVs, gaming consoles, mobile devices and more. For a full list of supported devices, visit

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