Time Lapse Video of FMX Ramp Build

If you have ever been up close and personal with a Freestyle Motocross portable landing ramp, you were probably like me the first time.  I saw my first portable lander while it was still folded for trailering, and my first thought was “How the heck does this work?” and after watching it rise from dirty snow covered trailer like some awful creature rising from the lava in an old Godzilla movie I asked “Who the heck thought of this?”

There are a handful of ramp builders out there these days but only a couple I would ever spend our money on for our setups.  We have an awesome team that builds ours (and it’s a secret) but another guy who builds nice landers is Keith Sayers from Butte, Montana.  Keith doesn’t build these to sell very often because he still promotes and rides his own shows, but his builds are quality and his attention to detail on the bike shows just as much off of it.

Here are a couple of time lapse videos of a ramp being made by Keith in his home shop- ENJOY THEM!



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