Torres Crowned as Red Bell X-Fighters Champ-But Sheehan Steals Show


-Cory Stem

Sydney was the final stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters 2011 tour and it crowned a new champion in Dany Torres who finished a safe third to claim the title over an injured Nate Adams.  But the story of the show was stolen by a couple of kids from Australia. Josh Sheehan and Cam Sinclair both nailed Double Back Flips as part of thier Freestyle runs.  But as the night ended and a champion picked, there are more questions for 2012 than ever before.

Taking the win on the final stop was Josh Sheehan who not only did a Double Back Flip as part of his runs.  He had a host of Flip tricks and right side ups that went with the Double-but surely that was the trick that won it in the end.  Levi Sherwood, New Zealand native, showed that he is back on form once again.  His extension and unique style will keep him in the mix if he stays healthy.  Surprise of the night was Mike Mason who was called in to show his FMX chops. He nailed a fourth on a borrowed bike.  Most riders use borrowed machines that are supposed to be new. The rider just brings their plastic,  bars and suspension and adds it to the bike.  One rider told me that his “”new” machines front sprocket came off while heading for a ramp.  Point is- RBXF is a pressure cooker. Borrowed bike, jet lag, weird food, and a whole new format among the best in the world.  Nice work Mase!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               There are some questions left unanswered as we close the lid on 2011.  Look at the most amazing talent coming in the door.  Guys like Sheehan, Sherwood, Villegas, Agee, Torres are beating down the door and are becoming a constant threat to the old pros like Nate Adams, Todd Potter and the like.  This is turning into a young guys sport and money is tight among sponsors-guys that are hurt and not winning or just not winning are not looking good against the hyper-extended, cheaper and near-future champions of the sport.  I see some shake ups coming in the next 18 months.  More so toward the end of that time, when we will start seeing some more Americans thrown into the mix.

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