Video Review-Somewhere Between

There is lot’s to be excited for in the future.  Be it modern medicine or moto- the limits are always being pushed as evidenced this year with at Winter X Games when Heath Frisby pulled a Front Flip on his sled.  But it’s fun to look at where we came from and get a glimpse as to how things were back “in the day”.  Fun is what I got when I discovered some old vid’s locked away in the vaults.  The highlight of my finds?  Somewhere Between.

Somewhere Between was shot by Todd Odegaard as they followed the tour around the country.  Being an old video, the scenes captured show the sport of FMX in it’s infancy when the Backflip was still a big deal.  Riders like Jim McNeil, Todd Potter and Mike Mason were just kids at the time and still trying to make thier way in the sport- while old schoolers John Distler, Wes Burr and Jeremy Carter taught ’em the ropes, bar stools, and party moves.

The movie even includes Matt Buyten and Jeff “OX” Kargola in the “Rockstars” segment and the bonus section shows Eric Apple when he thought he was cooler than the dude that invented yoga pants for chicks-Oh, wait-he still does. But it is fun to watch him back some homies down in some dead end Rally’s parking lot!

The videography is a treat for you folks into shooting the vids.  To see just how far technology and technique have come in just a short time is incredible and you will see where many filmakers today get their ideas-right in this DVD.  Soundtrack is all original music from Indie bands and MC’s which usually means they hired the local garage band down the street.  Not this time though as I found myself thinking “When I watched this years ago I promised I would find that dudes cd…” and I promised again watching it the other day.  Good beats on this one youn Jedi’s.

Gotta say my favorite part is just seeing the old faces that may not ride much anymore, or who have left our reality for a far greater one having fun.  No, let me fix that F-U-N!  It brought home the fact that this sport, no matter how evolved, how big the tricks are and how big (small?) the purses are-at the end of the day, like life FMX is supposed to be fun and you can see it in the players faces while watching this video.

Now- I didn’t just find one copy of this.  I found a few dozen, still in the wrapper and stored in a cool, dark dry place.  I am making them available for $20 shipped in the USA (extra for international) with $10 from every sale going to the Athlete Recovery Fund and the rest covering expenses for shipping and handling.  At the end of the run-what’s left will go to the ARF as well!

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