Weekend Up to Date!

Lots of two wheeled mayhem happening on the dirt this weekend and on Father’s Day weekend, Mother Nature seemed to win out.  Women, can’t even let us dudes have one day! (To my lovely wife, just kidding, if you read this that is.)  Onto some action that didn’t get shut down.


The Monster Energy FreestyleMX.com team pulled split duty with one bus and setup in Wenatchee, Washington at the Speed Oval and the other at Michigan International Speedway to support the Monster Energy Busch Motorsports team for the NASCAR racing this weekend.  The Wenatchee crew of John Distler, Garrett Ahlf and Anthony Murray battled windy conditions, but like always came through for a great show featuring Garrett’s signature style, Distler’s Suicide No Hander and the young ripper Murray showing off some new flips and entertaining the ladies in the autograph line!

The Michigan crew of multiple time X Games Gold Medalist Matt Buyten, legend Dustin Miller and hot prospect Bryce Hudson popped off three shows in front of a huge NASCAR fan base of over 13,700 on the day!  They jumped in front of the Kyle Busch Motorsports Monster Energy #54 car of Kurt Busch (who took a hard earned 3rd that day) using the three rider Back Flip Train to wow the crowd before spending over 5 HOURS signing autographs for all the fans.  They too got windy conditions on Saturday and it looks like rain is bringing everything to a halt at MIS right now.  Okay everything but the party, takes more than that to stop NASCAR fans!  Next stops for the Monster Energy FreestyleMX.com Worldwide Tour are Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday and Friday night with location a secret.  STAY TUNED to our Facebook (FreestyleMX.com) and Twitter feeds (@freestylemx) to get the scoop and be invited to these party events!  After that is the Rockapalooza in Jackson, MI (http://rockapalooza.net/jackson.html) where we will be jumping and rocking!


Onto MX and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship which stopped at Budds Creek, Maryland this weekend.  A legendary track saw some legendary battling in the 250 class, while 450 was a snoozer again in the battle for the top spot.  Ryan Dungey took the KTM to the front of the 450’s in both motos while the 250 class was not that easy to determine. Baggett won the overall on his Pro Circuit Kawasaki with (once again) inspiring rides and by hunting down the leader.  Ken Roczen on the small KTM did a second after another late race melt down-super talent and super disappointment.  Justin Barcia held third overall and is not second in points ahead of teammate on the Geico Hondas, Eli Tomac and behind the new leader Baggett.  450 points are now… hey where did you all go?  Yeah who cares as our new scribe Manny would say.


The Red Bull X-Fighters had a rough one in Istanbul, Turkey this week.  First the government over there decided at the last minute to revoke the permit for where they wanted to set up, so Tes Sewell and crew rolled over to the other spot they gave them.  After an all-out thrash to get set up, weather cancelled everything.  Happens to everyone sometime!

More rough weather greeted the fans in Russia for the Night of the Jumps event on Friday night where a last minute thunderstorm cancelled the

Russian Girls-Now you Know!

festivities.  By the way, this storm was so gnar that it cancelled a World Championship Soccer game which is a sport in Europe for you shuttered ‘Muricans out there.  Those fans would sit through the Earth opening up and swallowing ¾’s of the crowd to watch a match and it’s a sport played in the rain all the time!  The next day Libor Podmol was able to take the win above guys like Brice Izzo, Remi Bizouard and Jose Mirales.  They beat a bunch of other dudes-all of which are driving my spell check nuts right now.


For more news from all these events Google them up and check them out and don’t forget to check out the 2012 schedule for the Monster Energy FreestyleMX.com Worldwide Tour.  Ciao for now!

-Cory Stem

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