Who Are You?- James Carter

Who Are You? James Carter

-Cory Stem


There is lots of buzz right now behind the scenes of FMX about who the next crop of FMX stars is going to be.  If I had a bike for every time I was asked “What do you think about Rider X? How is Rider Y riding? Or Should I hire Rider W?”  I would own a dealership.  One rider I get to hear a lot about and see is James Carter.  By the way- I never recommend Rider W.

James was born near Lancaster, California and moved to South Dakota at an early age. Maybe that explains his easy going demeanor and lack of Bro-ness.  He started riding at age ten and by the age of 18 was traveling the United States as a professional Freestyle Motocross rider on the IFMA tour.  That’s about the time I met James and even then-I knew he had lots of potential. So what makes him tick? James says “I have always come to every demo or contest wanting to ride my best no matter who I am riding with” and that has shown throughout his career as he gives it 100% every time he rides.

James spent lots of time riding for Marc Burnett and the Freestylemx.com tour and instantly impressed all.  “He works his ass off and never complains.  I don’t have to worry if he will show up on time or whether I am gonna get a good performance from him-ever” claims Marc.  James is one of the few riders in recent history that has made it into a regular spot on the bus without the flip in his arsenal.  He dedicated himself to learning the flip and moved back to Southern California so he could ride every day.  His personality worked him into many top name riders private compounds and he instantly started to learn bigger tricks and improving his style.  The Godfather of Freestyle, Mike Metzger, once remarked to me that he asked James to join his Mob-FMX team because of his smooth style and work ethic- common denominators on that team.

Sponsors started coming to James and helping him out with parts and gear, and even a little cash when available.  He did a few demos for Monster Energy X-Pilots in Mexico and was soon invited to the big show.  His first win was in La Paz then his second Tijuana beating out established names like Jim McNeil Taka Hagashino along the way which seemed to fuel James fire.  “My goal in 2012 is to get invited to as many big contests as I can” according to James.  X games? “Oh for sure- I would love that man.” 

When asked what tricks James is working on, he had this to say: “I have been doing so many shows lately that I haven’t got any practice time in.  I need to get to the foam pit this winter and work on bigger flip tricks.”  Bigger than the KOD flips he is pulling on a mobile setup in all manner of weather I have to add in here.  So where does the SRH rider go from here?  We will be following him closely as he makes his bid for FMX fame, so stay tuned for more with James.

James Carter is sponsored by SRH Clothing, Scott, MX Connection, Race Tech Suspension, Proskin Performance, GPR Stabilizers, DZ Graphics, The Web Design Hub and The MOB Syndicate.  His Facebook Fanpage is JamesCarterFMX, and if you put a “.com” on the end you get his website.  He will be riding on the Freestylemx.com Tour extensively in 2011 and Monster Energy X-pilots as well.

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