Who’s Da Man?

So a few months back you might remember me talking about riding a bicycle for charity.  That charity was Miles For Miracles Today and I rode 68 miles in support of spinal cord research for those who had spinal cord injuries.  It was just a small bit of what was a much larger effort.

Jimmy Button, former AMA Supercross Pro, had organized a coast to coast bicycle ride for the charity and invited all of his friends and fans to join him on his trek across the United States.  For those who do not remember, Jimmy was left paralyzed from the neck down in a racing incident in the year 2000 while riding for Factory Yamaha.  The crash helped create the Road 2 Recovery foundation that helps racers who are injured seek medical care and rehabilitation.  Jimmy’s first battle was to walk again- he did and then another challenge was needed.  Many doctors and therapists were a part of Jimmy’s recovery and he noticed a lack of expertise in the field.  Hoping he could change that, he began another chapter in his life, training for a ride across the USA.  Well, here we are today.  The ride is over, Jimmy survived, and he once again overcame many obstacles in reaching his goal.

The plan was for 40+ days in the saddle but that was extended by two weeks while he had his elbow surgically repaired due to a small crash.  After his short recovery, he finished the ride and crossed the finish line at the famed Daytona International Speedway in just 57 days!  Here are some stats from the ride.

The ride took forty-three days of actual saddle time for a total of 167 hours and 45 minutes.  The route included five crashes (only one resulted in injury) and he burned 132,611 Calories on the way.  Replenishment came in the form of 172 bottles of Cytomax, 114 energy bars, and 342 bananas.  Resting time consumed 171 recovery shakes and 258 eggs and everything was washed down by 855 bottles of water.  The donations totaled just over $200,000 with an ultimate goal of $1 million.

You can still help Jimmy reach his goal by going to Miles For Miracles Today and subimitting a donation of any amount you choose online.  Everyone in the world of motorsport knows someone either directly or indirectly who has been affected by a spinal cord injury, and if you ride the next one could be anyone of us.  Help Jimmy reach his goal, I know he will not stop until he has reached it, and then what?  At this point who knows?  I mean what goal could you set your sights on after overcoming paralysis and riding a bicycle across the United States?  Bet it will be a good one!

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