X Games 17 Freestyle Report

X Games 17
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Friday at X Games Seventeen featured Round One and Finals of the Freestyle competition. In Freestyle, riders tackle a complex dirt course made up of a variety of different jumps – some dirt, some metal – and challenges overall riding skills while integrating tricks throughout their overall run. Scoring is based on overall impression, tricks, execution, style, use of the course and landings. Eight riders are selected to complete in this event and four advanced to the final round. Final round one results from the Moto X Freestyle competition were:

Heat 1
Name Hometown Score
1. Dany Torres Arahal, Spain 82
2. Taka Higashino Osaka, Japan 76
3. Jeremy Stenberg Winchester, Calif. 69
4. Josh Sheehan Donnybrook, Australia 17

Heat 2
1. Nate Adams Glendale, Ariz. 88
2. Adam Jones Minden, Nev. 83
3. Andre Villa Vaagaa, Norway 79
4. Todd Potter Temecula, Calif. 66

Adam Jones and his incredible Dead Body Flip enroute to Silver.
The top two from each round advanced to finals with a final format featuring Adams, Jones, Torres, and Higashino. Nate Adams was able to secure his spot on the podium for the first time since 2004. Adams who was the reigning bronze medalist was able to secure his gold medal by combining technical tricks such as the 360 along with technical backflip variations with precise attention to extension and lnding. Nate Adams had the two highest scored runs of the competition from Friday night.
Adam Jones took the Silver medal in last night’s event which proved he was a force to be reckoned. After not advancing to finals in 2010 Adam Jones was determined to come home with a medal, “After last year I really wanted to make sure coming into X Games this year I was ready so I worked really hard and I feel like it paid off.” In his second run of the evening Jones slid out on a landing which could have thrown himself out of contention to win, although he proved to be resilient and came back in his third run with enough fight to win Silver.
Dany Torres finished in the Bronze position only three points away from Jones. Torres rode confidently and put in a solid run to close out the Freestyle Competition for X Games 17. “I am really happy to be third because X Games is the biggest competition there is and it is still a great honor.” Torres who is a Red Bull X Fighter, looked both confident and fluid in his freestyle run and was able to become apart of X Games history.

Dany Torres excutes a flawless Holy Grab to Bronze out in FMX.
Here are the Final Results from the Freestyle Competition:
Name Hometown Score
1. Nate Adams Glendale, Ariz. 91
2. Adam Jones Minden, Nev. 86
3. Dany Torres Arahal, Spain 83
4. Taka Higashino Osaka, Japan 78

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