X Games 17 Speed and Style

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Speed and Style
Kristen Beat

On Saturday night X Games 17 showcased the Speed and Style Event. Speed & Style combines racing and the gravity-defying tricks of Freestyle. Two riders will race head-to-head around a four-lap, short-track-motocross-inspired course. The twist is that both riders must hit a freestyle ramp and execute a trick on each lap. Upon the conclusion of the race, the judges will give each rider a “style” score based on overall impression of the tricks performed on each lap. In addition, the first rider to cross the finish line will receive bonus “speed” points for their margin of victory over the other rider. The overall goal of the competition is to find a balance between speed (time) and style (execution of tricks).

Travis Pastrana himself was last years Gold Medal winner, considering his injury and prior scheduling engagements- the Speed and Style door was left open for a new winner to make their claim to fame at X Game 17.

In semi finals Nate Adams won both style points and speed points.
Faisst who was still recovering from an incompletely healed broken femur, won his round and stated prior to racing ā€œIā€™m just going to go out and try to work through it.ā€

Nate Adams looks through a 360 during Speed and Style.

Mike Mason dominated in the style department and put together a solid run ā€“ he turned a lot of heads to show he had the speed and the style!
When an old rivalry Carey Hart vs. Jeremy Stenberg came to play out Carey Hart made an impressive comeback to X Games although Stenberg came up short and experienced a rough landing taking himself out of contention from the even and allowing Hart the win by fault.

Mike Mason faster on the course earns a Silver.

By far the most exciting match of the evening was between Mike Mason and Nate Adams. Mike Mason took an early lead and strategically planned his tricks. Although, Adams focused his attention towards trick execution allowing him a 90 in style and the Gold Medal in Speed and Style. Faisst took home the Bronze, Mike Mason took home the silver and congratulated Nate on another Gold Medal victory.

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