Your X-Games LA 2012 Viewing Schedule

X Games LA 2012 is set to start tonight and almost all of it will be on TV spanning four channels and some events will also be airing on the web too.  For a full schedule of all events and what channels- check the link RIGHT HERE.  We went ahead and listed the dates and times of the Moto events we all care about here for you.  Tune in and cheer on your favorites and challenge our readers with your predictions on FaceBook daily!

Thursday the 28th of June features Freestyle MX in an international showdown where Nate Adams on his Monster Energy backed Yamaha takes on seemingly the entire X-Fighters field.  He is coming off of shoulder surgery from early this year and everyone will be looking to see if he is truly ready for competition.  Time is 9-11 pm ET on ESPN2

Adams going for Gold again! Markus Paulsen/ESPN Images

On June 29th (Friday if you aren’t familiar with the order of days) has three Moto events: Best Whip, Best Trick and Step Up competitions.  Best Whip is text vote-so get yoru fingers warmed up for showing 9-12pm ET on ESPN.  Matt Buyten, a regular on the Monster Energy Tour is shooting for Gold number eight this year!

Saturday brings us Speed and Style and Womens Moto-X.  We have learned here to not even place bets on Speed and Style as it is sooooo complex and hard to pick.  I am once again pulling for my bud-Buyten!  Time for these is 8-12pm  ET on ESPN.  Don’t forget the Hot Wheels Double Loop dare is the same day between 1 and 3 pm ET on ABC.

Sunday is a day of unrest for Rally X and Enduro X which air 3-5 pm on ESPN and 9-12 pm ET on ESPN2 respectively.  This will wrap up the Moto stuff  and don’t forget to check out the BMX and Skate events throughout the weekend too!



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