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Introducing X Games Shred Hate

Introducing X Games Shred Hate

You’ve heard the insults. Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end, maybe you’ve witnessed the abuse, or maybe you’re even the one who’s shouted them. Bullying is immune to no one, and its effects are far reaching and highly damaging.

The fact is that 10 million total students are bullied each year in the U.S. Being a target of bullying has been found to have a range of negative impacts, including reduced self-esteem, depression and anxiety, and increased alcohol and drug use.

Sports can be both a cause and a refuge from bullying. Taunting and name calling on the field and in the locker room has long been a source of bullying. However, our athletes have said that action sports can be a positive avenue for athletes and

youth who may not fit into “traditional” team sports. That’s why X Games is working to take a stand against bullying and Shred Hate through a collaborative effort with some of the most innovative bullying prevention programs in the country.

Shred Hate aims to tangibly reduce bullying in schools-in fact, we set a goal to reduce instances of bullying by at least 90% of the schools that have the program. Ambitious? Yes, but it works. X Games launched Shred Hate in January 2017,

working with the nonprofit organization No Bully, whose innovative curriculum is achieving off the charts results. Schools throughout Colorado (home of X Games Aspen) and the Minneapolis (X Games’ summer home) that helped launch

the program have seen their bullying rates shift dramatically down.

We’re so pumped that MLB joined the cause this year, and is helping ignite youth to choose kindness in additional school districts this year, including Chicago and Washington DC, as well as Minneapolis.

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