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The final round of the 2015 European Championships

The final round of the 2015 European Championships

The final round of the 2015 European Championships couldn’t have ended in more spectacular fashion, with 12 riders competing at the 7th and final round of competition and three riders in the race to claim the overall championship, Czech Republic’s Petr Pilat, the German Luc Ackermann and Brice Izzo from France.

Of the three riders in the hunt, Brice Izzo would hand in his cards first, putting together a solid run, but just not enough to crack into the top 6 final and sealed his 3rd place in the overall championship. This gave Petr Pilat and Luc Ackermann some breathing space coming into the final. The Ackermann family celebrated early also, with Luc’s older brother and the winner of yesterday’s NIGHT of the JUMPs competition, Hannes Ackermann again taking pole position, as the one to beat coming into the Finals. Libor Podmol, Jose Miralles and Marc Pinyol completed the final top 6 qualifiers.

The stage was set for the Round 7 battle, with Libor Podmol wanting redemption from last night’s crash and to steal the win from Hannes Ackermann who was last night’s winner. The German put together another brilliant run, perhaps even better than last nights with the inclusion of the 360 Nac and a huge Cliffhanger Flip.

But it would not be enough to claim back-to-back wins for Ackermann, instead Libor Podmol dished an impressive run stomping big technical flip tricks and up-right combos. Coupled with Volt on the Double-Up, Podmol appeared untouchable, despite such a brilliant run from Ackermann.

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