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A double bill of FMX at Linz

A double bill of FMX at Linz

NIGHT of the JUMPs 2015
A double bill of FMX at Linz reached its climax on Saturday night as the Tips Arena hosted a second exemplary display of extreme sport by the twelve-strong field of freestyle motocross stars.

Someone else pulling off a trick premiere was Petr Pilat with a Dead Body Flip, the first time this jump has featured on a NIGHT of the JUMPs track. With his sequence of flips and triple combos, the Czech claimed pole position, from which neither reigning world champion Maikel Melero nor former world champions David Rinaldo and Remi Bizouard would be able to dislodge him. Rinaldo straight-aired a Dead Sailor on his first jump of the final and then played safety first for the rest of the run. Melero executed a perfect Doublegrab Flip to thrill the Austrian spectators, but still fell short of victory by a narrow three-point margin. Bizouard came even closer to ousting Pilat from the hot seat with his usual bag of tricks and assured delivery. In fact, the two of them tied on points, but Petr Pilat deservedly prevailed by virtue of the scratch score. So it was that the Czech rider celebrated his maiden NIGHT of the JUMPs triumph.

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